“Yoonmin” Selca is proof that ARMY & BTS have a telepathy connection

“Yoonmin” Selca is proof that ARMY & BTS have a telepathic connection

BTS Yoonmin Selca happened after 317 days proving that BTS and ARMY have the best Telepathic connection. What Army Predicted, came into a reality!

ON April 13, BTS RM and Jungkook put an Instagram story holding special Map of the Soul:7 Edition ARMY bomb and Version 3 respectively.

BTS RM and Jungkook selca holding new Army Bomb
Courtesy to BTS Instagram Official

On April 13 V, J-Hope and Jin posted an IG story grabbing the New lightstick.

BTS V J-Hope and Jin MOTS:7 Lightstick
Courtesy to BTS Instagram Official

After this whole fandom has gone thirsty and desperately waiting for the Yoonmin Selca which they haven’t posted for 317 days.

"Yoonmin" Selca
Courtesy to Big Hit

Army started predicting that after these two BTS unit Selcas “Yoonmin Selca” will be coming soon.


On April Yoongi and Jimin (Yoonmin) posted on IG story and Blessed ARMY what they want after a long wait!!

"Yoonmin" Selca april 2020
Courtesy to BTS Instagram Official

Some of the Best Reactions are here.


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