“Where is Yoongi?” The LeJINdary Mystery Has Now Solved!

“Where is Yoongi?” The LeJINdary Mystery Has Now Solved!

Mystery Solved!

The LeJINdary Mystery behind “Where is Yoongi?” is now solved. Suga explained why he was not present in the Iconic photo of BTS and Ariana Grande at Grammy’s rehearsal.

On January 22, Ariana posted a (behind-the-scenes) picture at the Grammy’s rehearsals to her social media (twitter) account. She captioned the photo as

“Look who i bumped into at rehearsal”, featuring herself and BTS.

BTS with Ariana at Grammys rehearsal 2020 behund the scenes
Ariana official twitter

The fans were wondering why BTS member Suga was not present in this memorable picture. The worldwide search has begun as Yoongi appeared to be missing. They even trended” Where is Yoongi” in search of him.

On April 25, Suga hosted a “Voice Only” Live and answered One of the Most wanted questions of Fans. He explained briefly the reason why he was absent at that time leaving ARMY in a storm of frenzy on social media.

An ARMY asked:

” Where were you when they took the photo with Ariana?”


“I wasn’t there. I was actually not there because I had (Schedule) something to do. I had heard that she was rehearsing but didn’t know she would actually come to visit. If only she had come 5 min earlier, I could take it. I saw the pic and was so surprised!”

ARMY’s guess got wrong yet they are relieved!

Where is Yoongi trended over after BTS with Ariana at Grammys Rehearsal photo posted

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