Is BTS Disbanding? Answer To The Most Anticipated Question

Is BTS Disbanding? Answer To The Most Anticipated Question

Is BTS disbanding, and When Will BTS Disband? The rumors have given the worst fear to ARMY regarding their beloved band, BTS disbandment. Here’s what you should remember.

Groups often come and go in music industries around the world. BTS has managed to stay together for an impressive eight years, but not many people know that the group almost disbanded at the five-year mark in 2018. So why exactly did BTS consider disbandment at that time??

BTS disbanding speech 2018
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Bangtan Sonyeondan or BTS is a K-Pop group under Hybe Labels (formally Bighit Labels). BTS has seven members whose full names areas 

  • Kim Namjoon (RM)
  • Kim Seokjin (Jin)
  • Min Yoongi (Suga)
  • Jung Hoseok (J-Hope)
  • Park Jimin (Jimin)
  • Kim Taehyung (V)
  • Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook)

BTS Debut Date :

BTS debuted in 2013 on June 13 under Bighit Entertainment.

The South-Korean boyband BTS is globally known as a record-breaker. Their thoughtful lyrics, sleek dance moves, and a vast range of music have encouraged millions to support mental health, self-love, eradicated racism. They have saved the lives of countless people with no hope through their music and message. 

bts disband date
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BTS has become the first K-pop band ever to achieve the #1 position on the US Billboard Hot 100 for the first time in 2020 and Billboard Global 200. They were so enthusiastic about it that they even posted a video of themselves celebrating the news with their beloved ARMY. In 2020 the pandemic caused the world to end bitter, but that’s not the case for BTS as it has been the biggest year. They even got a Grammy nomination for their smash hit song ‘Dynamite’ and the famous song ‘Savage Love’ remix. The septet has also shattered another record as they became the first band in history to have two number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100 in a single year.

bts on billboard 2021
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When Will BTS Disband?

Typically, every K-pop group has a contract with their company. This contract bounds them to work for a specific period, usually seven years. Since active from 2013, the BTS contract was going to expire in 2020. But, glad to hear that it was renewed till 2026-2027. Still, what ARMYS is worried about is the military enlistment of BTS members. There is a Korean Law, according to which every male citizen who is eligible and physically fit has to serve the country for 1.5 years. It’s a mandatory law, and there’s no exception. That means BTS have to serve in the military between 20-30 years of age. But, some people, such as Olympic athletes who have helped the country through fame, have an exemption.

BTS Military Service

Will Bts Disband After Military? What Korean Parliament has to say about the Exemption of BTS Military Service?

bts military enlistment date
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BTS label HYBE is trying to get an exemption for BTS members because of their extraordinary achievements. They helped in 1.7% export of consumer goods, a massive contribution from just a single group. BTS has also contributed to 3% of the total GDP of South Korea. Taking into account, there are huge debates at the parliament where parties have divided in their opinion. Whether 

 Male K-Pop entertainers who have received state medals and awards for their national and global cultural contributions can now apply for a deferment until 30


Enlist all the members together in 2025 for five years.

However, BTS Jin’s military service has only been delayed for two more years, ending in 2022.

So what will happen to BTS after their military enlistment? For this question, fans have theorized many possibilities check out Here.

The Succes History Of BTS And Their Popularity

BTS debuted with a small and almost bankrupt company. Since the beginning, the only aim of BTS was not to fail. They have confronted so much hate, starting with the name Bangtan Sonyeondan. Everyone concluded that they would not even last two years with such a name. BTS members faced hatred regarding their skin complexion, physical appearance not matching the Korean Beauty Standards. But they persisted, and finally, they started gaining popularity. The early albums of BTS portrayed members as teenagers who are students and interested in dating.

bts popular album
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Although their first album to get international recognition is HYYH, the most famous hit was “I Need U.” It is the first song that made BTS win their first-ever music award in 2 years. It was followed by “Wings,” which kick off BTS domination. BTS got huge recognition globally and earned many esteemed awards. The songs’ themes in “Wings “are growing up, mental issues, human struggles, and loss of innocence. The message has touched the hearts of millions.

bts wings album
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In 2017, BTS released their albums Love Yourself: Her and a sequel that continued in 2018. The series proved BTS’s leading step in teaching their “ARMY” and the entire world to love themselves and forgive them. This was followed by BTS becoming a part of UNICEF-“Love Yourself, Speak Yourself,” an anti-bullying campaign. Also, BTS delivered a speech at the UN that has motivated millions. The core aim of this movement was Reducing Violence, Bullying, and Protecting Child Rights.

BTS Disbanding in 2018

In 2018, BTS considered disbandment on the public forum. At MAMA awards 2018, the eldest member of BTS, Jin, made a heart-wrenching confession that BTS considered disbanding in early 2018. He revealed that the members were facing stress and struggles at that time. There were things that BTS wasn’t able to control and eventually thought of disbanding.

We had a hard time mentally during the beginning of this year. While talking with each other, we even thought about disbanding.

— Jin

 jin talking about bts disbanding
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His thankyou speech at MAMA also considered as bts disbanding speech. And It was possible as their success shoot up in 2018. With increasing fame, BTS members also got death threats and increased Saseng activities (stalkers), constantly following them to their homes, airport, and bathrooms. They broke into Jungkook’s home, and even one of them tried to kiss Min Yoongi. It looks beautiful but being an idol is so tough, as they are left with no personal space in their lives. Also, their family members’ lives are at risk because of such things.

All of these incidents led to BTS disbanding. The speech of Jin at MAMA 2018 had left ARMY in grief across the globe. Many people say that BTS had achieved all of its goals, and there is nothing left to complete. But we’re thankful that the members recovered and trusted each other. Their passion for music and love for work helped to overcome such burnout.

“At that time we regathered our hearts, and I’m glad that we could produce such a fantastic result. I’m thankful to my members who decided to continue. I want to thank my members who always love me and thank ARMY for always loving us. Thank you”.

— Jin

bts jin 2018
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People thought that BTS had achieved all of its goals in 2018. Still, their album Map of the Soul 7 broke records worldwide. It became the most selling album in 2020. Their first English song,” Dynamite,” a disco-retro-pop, gained immense popularity. It was the first and fastest MV of BTS to earn the biggest amount of Youtube views. The song even got them Grammy nominations as well as a Guinness World Record.

What BTS Members Have To Say On Disbandment Of The Group

Ever since 2018, BTS has never spoken directly regarding disbandment until 2020. They have talked about their future after disbandment but never mention any particular date. In 2020, when BTS Docu-Series was released, it revealed members’ thoughts on BTS disbanding. According to Break the silence Translation:

A lot of things happened in 2018. Some moments were challenging, but still, a lot of good things happened as well. I think we’re re-evaluating our position, our actions, and stuff like that every year. So, looking back at what happened in 2018, it made me think, “What kind of path will I be on in 2019?” I thought about it a lot that year, and my concerns doubled as well“.

— Jungkook

jungkook talking about bts disbanding
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 “I think it’s because things got really hard at the start of the year. There were many things to think about at the time, and there was a lot of doubt about this work. That was on all our minds that year since this job constantly demands that you be on a roller coaster ride. It turned out to be a year where we could reflect on ourselves. That’s what I think.

— Suga

suga on bts disbandement
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 Jhope said in the movie “Break the Silence” that. 

In 2018, I think many unexpected things happened that year. Honestly, it felt a bit scary because we never expected so many things that came our way, and we were actually doing them.

He added,

The members grew up together and spent a significant part of their youth with BTS. This will make it hard for all the members to live without each other. 

jhope crying
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At BTS Festa 2020, the members also discussed remaining in touch even if they disband and see each other’s families. Taehyung even said that he would like to see their children grow up together.

BTS Contract Under HYBE Labels

The company of BTS was Bighit Entertainment that has changed its name to HYBE Labels in the first half of 2021. Since then, rumors have it that the BTS contract under the labels has extended till 2036. But there is no reliable information regarding this. The need to change the name to HYBE, as it will increase the range from Kpop to more lifestyle-based products. As of 2021, BTS today are essential shareholders of HYBE Labels (former name Bighit). HYBE has already started its extension in the west and even bought the labels under which Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande works.

bts contract with hybe
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On You Quiz On The Block, Jin and Suga opened about the BTS contract with HYBE. They also shared the reasons why BTS was disbanding in 2018. It was due to that the members felt pressured by the increasing attention they were receiving. But rather than disbanding, BTS decided to take a short break to replenish itself. And after a month, they were ready to perform again.

We were pressured as if_ All we did was diligently do our job, but we then heard that we contributed to the nation, so we were so pressured. [. . .] The Break refreshed us a lot, and when you take a break for a month, it makes you want to perform again.”

— Suga

Jin said that at that time, HYBE made a promise to BTS about their contract which Jin believes has been fulfilled.

The agency promised us that they would pull out all the stops to support our passion for performing. I think they did keep that promise.

— Jin

Let’s say even if BTS hadn’t had their company’s support, they’d still have faith in each other. 

“We ended up telling each other that because we worked so hard up to that point, let’s see how far we can go,”

bts contract renewal
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 Jin said.

 “I don’t know if I should say this, but [we said], ‘Screw the agency, screw everything. Let’s just put our faith in the members and the fans and start again”.

In the end, BTS is not going to disband soon. At the moment, BTS is at the top of its career and has a great relationship with the company. Their fandom loves them unconditionally. BTS are brand ambassadors of some of the biggest companies globally: Hyundai, Samsung, Baskin Robbins, Louis Vision, Fila, and so on. And such partnerships with Asian as well as Western companies are extending more and more.

bts partnership
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It’s true and upsetting that BTS might have faced false accusations in the past (plagiarism) that risked their existence. But together, as a great team and with their ARMY, they’ve overcome it. So the risks of BTS’s existence are relatively low apart from the BTS military enlistment for which fans are worried about. It is believed that even if the BTS members are enlisted, they can continue after serving for the stipulated period.

It is customary in K-Pop that members of the band can come back to the group after their military enlistment, such as Suho from EXO and Minho from SHINee. Therefore no need to worry, and you can still hope for BTS, and there is at least 4 to 5 years, if not more. BTS will be here for us like they always have with more music and fun content.

bts love
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Where is BTS right now?

Right now, we can say that BTS may be on a hiatus, still they make time to interact with ARMYs and update about their adventures. The septate has created individual Instagram accounts, and earned millions of followers within few hours. 

They often give a sight into their everyday lives by sharing stories. Recently the youngest of BTS, Jungkook posted a story of him hanging out with his dog, Bam. The leader visited the Chinati Foundation’s Art Museum in Texas. J-Hope happily shared the relaxing in Hawaii, On the other hand the eldest shared pictures of his latest meals.

BTS Upcoming Performance

A lot of BTS’ upcoming projects are still a mystery. However, the group is confirmed to return to the stage will perform in Seoul during March 2022

bts concert 2022

Now fans of BTS are spectulating a world tour announcement, or even an album announcement is on way. Moreover BTS is also nominated for a Grammy Award for the year 2022 category is Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

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