What happened to Suga? #Getwellsoonyoongi is trending| ARMY is now worried about him!

What happened to Yoongi? #GetWellSoonYoongi is now trending on Social Media.

bts suga in sunflower cap.jgp
courtesy to bighit

Little Meow Meow is (maybe) injured.

Some eagle-eyed ARMY perceived that something has happened to Suga while scrutinizing the performances of Suga on BLACK SWAN  BTS’s live at MCD [their comeback] and KBS World [Music Bank].

You can easily see that he is not moving his left arm.

It seems to be a serious injury but we hope that it will not be major as it is looking. Also, see more about his health on koreaboo

suga #getwellsoonyoongi.jpd
courtesy to bighit

BTS is now very busy according to the promotions of their new Album [Map of the Soul: 7] and recently performed Blackswan and ON at stage yet, they should take some enough rest!

bts group photo.jpg
source: ibighit

BTS Suga once also injured by being hit by a car before his debut. But he didn’t let company [BIGHIT] know otherwise he would have stopped from his training and pretended as nothing happened!

suga pre-debute.jpg

ARMY is now hoping and wishing him to recover soon by the end of their promotions!

Please #Getwellsoonyoongi we love you!!

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