V-MIN Spotted Filming a”New Drama” in Subway Station
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V-MIN Spotted Filming a”New Drama” in Subway Station

BTS V-MIN spotted filming a “New Drama” in Subway. They both are acting as they are going to Seoul National University which they think located in NewYork.

V-Min spotted in the filming of drama

Recently, Bangtan Bomb has released a Skit played by Jimin and V. BTS is about to start the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon In Subway and members of BTS are getting ready.

V-MIN Spotted Filming a"New Drama" in Subway

So these “Friends” found a time to play around the role and V-Min spotted filming a Drama as they met in the Subway Train and it is going to Seoul National University.

V-MIN Spotted Filming a"New Drama" in Subway

V was even mimicking the announcement hear on the Subway Station of Seoul Starting with the sound of


Immersed in the acting V and Jimin then waited for the imaginary closed door to be opened which in V’s opinion located on the left.

“You May Exit On The Left”

Bts Jimin and V acting the drama

Luckily, the door opened and they both are able to go out but got embarrassed on their own actions and were even about to bump into each other.

Bangtan Bomb Jimin and V skit

They often Role Play with one another proving that they are best friends and enjoy teasing each other.

BTS V-Min ambarasses on their acting

After that Jimin and V set foot in again while laughing on their skit.

Taehyng's lve for acting

But V again started to act the never-ending saga of his love for acting goes on.

Watch their Complete Skit here:

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