Things To Enjoy In Bts New “Goofy” Dynamite B-Side Mv
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Things To Enjoy In Bts New “Goofy” Dynamite B-Side Mv

Goofy and chaotic BTS in new Dynamite B-Side Mv is now ARMY’s new love.

At midnight on August 25, BTS treated ARMY with another version of Dynamite MV that no one can even think of. As it was BTS who let their hair down and having the time of their lives. The B-side music video is filled with some most hilarious, memorable, and goofy moments that happened in making Dynamite.

BTS’ Dynamite MV is setting new records and making history. The competition was over just when the music video dropped and earned an astonishing 101.1 million views in the first 24 hours setting a new YouTube record. BTS had earlier shared that their main purpose in creating  Dynamite was to spread happiness and positivity at a gloomy time when everyone is suffering. And Dynamite exactly hit that point.

And it a left the biggest smiles on ARMY’s faces, especially with the fun music video which showed the journey through different music eras with a burst of colors. But we didn’t know that there’s the best version of Dynamite MV, more than the original one, at least in ARMY’s eyes?

Dynamite B-Side Mv was lit as it filled with the moments in which BTS is showcasing their true selves and their chaotic energies blending with their superior talents.

Here are some of the best moments to enjoy over and over again!

A challenge that Maknae line excepted and to be precise fall in love with it…

The Maknae line hilariously imitating No Hong-Chul‘s 2013 moves on the Real Man special episode from MBC’s Infinite Challenge. They were also spotted doing this many times before the MV released!

It was noticed again in their new B-side Mv!

Jimin Being a Clumsy Mochi Again!

Yoongi’s Hip-Thrust Or Their Reaction?

Which one is killing?

He Did It In the Best Way possible…

Is Taehyung Swinging the $1400 Gucci Vest Above His Head?????

This is the Most Yoongi Thing!

And Finally!

So what’s your favourite?

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