Army Wonders “If Suga is Slow or World is Fast” But Suga Has The Answer

Army Wonders “If Suga is Slow or World is Fast” But Suga Has The Answer

The World needs to slow down!

Rapp’s at light’ speed and calm as a rock that’s how Suga lives.

Suga rapping at the sped of light

Nowadays BTS is so Connected with and ARMY granting with lots of content. Either it is posting a heart-touching cover of Lauv’s Never Not by Jungkook, surprise lives, or unexpected collab announcements. We are well-fed by the group’s StayConnected scheme.

On May 3 KST, An ARMY mentioned Suga on Weverse, having some of the most adorable Yoongi moments

Suga on Weverse giving the funniest reply to fans


“Slow to Respond or the Slow going to this Fast World!”

When he realizes that Jungkook has given him the Jacket…

When he failed to hold the hand of J-Hope in the perfect time…

BTs suga Slow Response weverse img 2

When J-Hope moved too fast from him…

Bts Suga slow respose weverse img 3

When he hit with confetti…

Bts Suga slow response weverse img 4

When he realizes that Jimin had put some cream on the face…

bts suga slow response weverse img 5

Suga on Weverse saw this replied with the Funniest answer:

“Right? No wonder!”

Army went frenzy on this. Lately, a fan also asked Yoongi :

“Min meow, the busiest these days kekekekeke painting.. radio.. dancing.. picking strawberries.. read fairytales..”

Suga replied:

“I’m really busy.”

Despite being busy, BTS never fail to respond to their ARMY!


Tacos “El-Yoongi” to serve you

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