The Shocking Revelation Of BTS Net Worth 2022 Each Member

The Shocking Revelation Of BTS Net Worth 2022 Each Member

How much is the total BTS net worth 2022??? Who is the richest BTS member??? What is BTS net worth 2020, 2021 and more of past years? The perfect net worth, however, is never confirmed by the BTS agency, but we can get an idea as a whole and individually. 

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No wonder BTS is the most successful K-pop group on the planet right now. BTS’s popularity surged globally the previous year, soon after their chartbuster “Dynamite,” BTS’s first-ever English-language single. Dynamite earned them their first Grammy nomination. They were the first K-Pop act ever to have such a prestigious nomination. And lately, with their second English-language single, “Butter,” is released, BTS members continued to thrive on their success day after day and got the Grammy nomination for the second time.

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Moreover, to their earnings as a whole band group, some members also have solo projects, which hints that their income may be different. As HYBE went public with its IPO last year, the BTS worth has increased. 

Before acknowledging the net worth of each BTS member, let’s have a thorough look at how is their total amont they are holding as a group. 

What Is Total BTS Net Worth 2022?

The total BTS Net Worth 2022 is about USD$ 3.6 billion. 

Net Worth of BTSUSD$ 3.6 Billion
Annual IncomeUSD$ 60 Million
BTS Salary Per MonthNot known
SourceMusic Projects, Album Sales, Live Tours, Online Concerts, Brand Endorsements, Variety Shows
BTS Shares In HYBE478,695
Each BTS Members Shares In HYBE68,000
BTS Impact On Korea’s EconomyUSD$ 4.9 billion
UpdatedMarch 2022

According to Forbes, the biggest boy band globally, BTS has a net worth of $3.6 Billion as of 2022. Their Sources of group earnings vary as they mostly earn from live tours, brand deals, solo projects, and of course, having additional shares in HYBE Label stock. With such massive income, it’s good to say that BTS is the Richest Boyband in the entire world at the moment.

According to Forbes, the estimated earnings of BTS is US$50 million last year, making them the 47th highest-paid celebrities in the world.

bts members net worth 2022
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In this article, we have estimated the and gathered data regarding their salaries, brand endorsements, music projects, and solo albums. According to Seoul Space, the thing already confirmed is that BTS has the basic salary of each member is USD$ 8 million per annum. Besides, BTS now holds a hefty amount of 478,695 shares in their agency, HYBE Labels, by the end of 2020. Thanks to that, the base net worth of BTS members is rose to be around $16 million.

bts company

 These shares added a whopping USD$ 8 million to BTS members net worth. The value of their stock had increased to 20 billion won that is around USD$ 17 million as the end of March, a statement by E-Today News.

Thanks to that, the base cash flow of BTS members is rose to be around $16 million.

Now come to answer the most curious question. Exact how much of profit is added to BTS members from their own BTS merchandise? Since BTS ARMY spends a lot of their earnest money buying BTS merch to support their BTS heartedly, not HYBE. Estimations have revealed that the average die-heart BTS ARMY spends over a huge amount of USD$ 1,000 a year on BTS merchandise. But the thing we all know for sure is that most of the profits go directly to the companies and not the artist’s talent as they own the licensing rights. 

BTS Net Worth Over Years

BTS Net Worth 2013Not Known
BTS Net Worth 2014$3 million
BTS Net Worth 2015$11 million
BTS Net Worth 2016$22 million
BTS Net Worth 2017$34 million
BTS Net Worth 2018$55 million
BTS Net Worth 2019$157 million
BTS Net Worth 2020$172 million
BTS Net Worth 2021$190 million
BTS Net Worth 2022$220 million

So, we know for sure that the net worth of BTS as an individual has a value of more than $20 million. We will constantly update this article to see who is the richest member of BTS at present.

The figures here are estimated by research and analysis. There is a possibility that they may change.

BTS Members Net Worth 2022

Let’s know the net worth of each member of BTS and also, who is the Richest BTS Member?

richest boy band in the world
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BTS J-Hope Net Worth 2022

BTS J-Hope net worth is USD 24-26 million and J-Hope is the richest BTS member.

richest member of bts
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Bts J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) is the Main DancerLead Rapper and sometimes serves as a unique Vocalist of the group.  J-Hope Net worth is the highest among the group. BTS J-Hope Net worth is around $26 million, making him Richest among BTS. It may be because his mixtape (Hope World) has ranked high at Global Charts.

J-Hope is considered the highest-earning member, reports by media outlets including Seoul Space and KpopStarz, and all the credits go to the success of his solo mixtape “Hope World” released back in March 2018. The song Daydream from the Hope World made him get first No 1 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. Also, he was the first BTS member to have a solo Hot 100 hit with his smash hit Chicken Noodle Soup.

bts jhope net worth 2022
BTS Official Facebook

Moreover, in BTS, J-Hope is also notable for his great contribution to songwriting and producing the group’s albums and choreography. 

J-Hope Net Worth 2022USD 24-26 million
J-Hope Net Worth in Korean Won30 Billion Won
EarningsBTS Music Concerts Live Tours Solo Mixtape ”Hope World” Brand Endorsements
CarsNot Confirmed
HousesUSD 2 million apartment located in Seongsu-dong, Trimage Complex, Seoul
J-Hope Donations($90,000) to help children in Africa
($89,000 to ChildFund Korea
($84350) to vulnerable children in Korea
(£100000) to charity on his birthday

BTS Suga Net Worth 2022

The net worth of BTS Suga is $23-25 million.

bts suga  networth
Image Source | Vogue Suga BTS

Suga holds the position of BTS lead rapper, co-producer, and songwriter. 

He is also famous for his great contribution to songwriting and is a major music producer among members. He is also in charge of composing, arranging, mixing, and mastering songs for BTS. He has written and produced more than 100 songs under his name. 

Suga Net Worth 2022$23-25 million
Suga Net Worth in Korean Won29 Billion Korean Won
Suga EarningsBTS Music, Concerts, Live Tours, Solo Mixtape “Agust-D 2016, D-2 in 2020” Brand Endorsements
BTS Suga CarsNot Confirmed
HousesUS$3 Million Property in Hannam Riverhill
Donations132,000 USD to Keimyung University Dongsan Hospital to Children cancer charity
Donated Korean beef to 39 orphanages under the name of BTS’s fan club ‘ARMY.’”
$83000 in Daegu amid Corona Virus

BTS Suga is also supposed as the richest BTS member or second t the richest. And this is fruit to the success of his solo projects, i.e., August D and D-2 launched in 2016 and 2020, respectively.

suga d-2 album sales
BTS Ofiicial Facebook

In addition, Suga has also written for Lee Sura’s (Song Request), in which he was also featured. He even co-produced Eternal Sunshine from Epik’s High (Sleepless in ) and Suran’s Wine which won best Soul/R&B track of the Year at MMA, and Suga won the best producer of the year award in 2017. And in 2020, Suga again earned high fame as he produced the Eight by IU. The song once more added to the hit list of the genius rapper. Eight by IU featured and produced by Suga won multiple awards. These are 


Award ceremonyYearCategoryWork  Result
Melon Music Awards2017Hot Trend AwardSuran and Suga[B]Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards2019Best Collaboration“Song Request” (with Lee Sora)Won
Mnet Asian Music Awards
2020Best CollaborationEight” (with IU)Won

These projects not only made the high on charts but also added a fortune to Suga net worth.

richest member of bts
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BTS RM Net Worth 2022

BTS RM Net Worth is $20-25 million.

kim namjoon net worth
Image Source | Vogue RM BTS

RM, formerly Rap Monster, is best known as the leader of the BTS, a hip-hop group ‘Bangtan Boys.’He is the main Rapper of BTS. His South Korean fans also popularly call him “Rapmon.” He is believed as the smartest member of BTS, with an IQ score of 148. He is included in the list of the youngest members of the Korea Music Copyright Association, having more than 130 songs in his name. 

BTS RM Net Worth$20-22 million.
Net Worth in Korean Won25 Billion Korean Won
RM EarningsBTS Music, Concerts, Live Tours, Solo Mixtape “Mono” Brand Endorsements
BTS RM CarsNot Confirmed
RM HousesUS$5.7 million in Nine One Hannam splurge
Donations$80,000 to Music Education for Hearing-Impaired Students 2018
$80,000 to music education causes for hearing-impaired students 2019
$84,426 to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation

He also enjoys the highest net worth among BTS. Maybe that is because he is the Leader of BTS and has written many songs and lyrics of BTS, including the chartbuster Butter. Besides, he is an ambassador of the popular K’hawah coffee brand produced in South Korea and earns royalties.

BTS Jin Net Worth 2022

BTS Jin has a net worth of $20-22 Million

bts jin net worth 2022
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BTS Jin is the oldest member of BTS. He is a singer and visual in BTS. Regarding his family’s net worth, it’s safe to rank Jin at the top as the richest member of BTS as he is also known to have come from an affluent background. Besides his singing career, he has shown business acumen, starting a Japanese restaurant back in 2018 with his brother by Seoul Space. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, BTS Jin agreed that his 

“family is all in business.”

So the estimated Net worth of BTS Jin is about $19-20 million

BTS Jin Net Worth$20 Million
Net Worth in Korean Won23 Billion Korean Won
Jin EarningsBTS Music, Concerts, Live Tours, Brand Endorsements. Family Business
BTS Jin CarsPorsche Panamera GTS / TurboRoyal Blue Lamborghini Aventador S
BTS Jin HousesUS $3.4 million flat in Hannam Hills
Jin Donations$88k to UNICEF Honors clubs
Unknown amount to Korea Animal Welfare Association

BTS Jimin Net Worth 2022

BTS Jimin has a net worth of $20-22 Million.

Bts Jimin net worth is the same as V and Jungkook’s. He is well known for his soft voice, seductive dance moves, and the “Fairy of Bts.”

stylish member of bts
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Seems that Brands love our Jimin, as it shows while he is ranked #1 in the 100 idols Individual Brand Reputation Rankings for 35 months in a row. ARMY agrees that he is the best singer on BTS, able to hit all of the high notes perfectly and smoothly. It is quite possible that If Jimin ever goes solo, he will have a very successful career. 

Besides his position as vocalist and dancer, Jimin also made headlines and RM to buy a flat at Nine One Hannam, the so-called Beverly Hills of Korea, in cash.

jimin net worth
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Aside from this splurge on a US$5.3 million flat, Jimin also made a smart investment by buying an old flat in Banpo Jugong worth US$3.9 million. It is undergoing a billion won (about US$881,000) reconstruction, and its value is expected to double, with its strategic location by the Han River.

Jimin Net Worth$ 20 million
Net Worth in Korean Won23 billion Korean Won
Jimin EarningsBTS Music, Concerts, Live Tours, Brand Endorsements
Jimin CarsPorsche CarreraElectric Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Jimin HousesUS$5.3 million in Nine One Hannam splurge
BTS Jimin Donations$84000 to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation to help support students in South Korea
$88,000 to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education
$26000 To His Old School

And it’ll make a high on Jimin net worth.

Kim Taehyung Net Worth 2022

BTS Kim Taehyung net worth is $20-22 Million.

v bts net worth 2022
Image Source | Vogue BTS Kim Taehyung

Kim Taehyung or Bts V is the Lead dancer and Vocalist of Bts.

V is the second youngest member of BTS. he also has his shares in the group from all the tours and endorsements. BTS V is the only member of BTS who started an acting career. He has already done some acting roles and even had a supporting role in a historical Korean drama Hwarang (The Poet Warrior Youth), in 2016. In his interview with Rolling Stone this last year, he stated that he would like to try acting again after he’s 30. 

handsome and rich member of bts
Courtesy To Hybe Labels

So V may be most likely to have a transition into acting after the disbandment of BTS. Therefore, don’t get astonished if you see V moving away from the Kpop entertainment industry and into the Korean drama scene in the future. In conclusion, there’s room for Taehyung net worth to grow further then.

v bts net worth 2021
Courtesy To Hybe Labels

More to add, V has released his self-composed and written songs such as “Scenery” and “Winter Bear“. In 2020, he self-produced and wrote an OST for the hit Korean Drama Itaewon Class called Sweet Night. That song broke all possible records that no one have ever imagined. 

BTS V net worth is estimated between $19-20 million.

Kim Taehyung Net Worth$ 20 million
Net Worth in Korean Won23 billion Korean Won
Kim Taehyung EarningsBTS Music, Concerts, Live Tours, Brand Endorsements
BTS V CarsGenesis GV80 SUV
BTS V HousesUS$4.55 million SK Apelbaum flat in Gangnam
BTS V DonationsNot Confirmed

Regarding BTS V Car Genesis GV80 SUV it was later confirmed by HYBE label that he never purchased that car and it was mis lead by brand.

Jungkook Net Worth 2022

BTS Jungkook Net Worth is $20-22 Million.

jungkook net worth 2022
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Jungkook is the Golden Maknae and youngest of BTS. He has the position of Main Vocalist/Singer, Lead Dancer, and sometimes Rapper in BTS and assumed almost good at everything.

Jungkook Net Worth$ 20 million
Net Worth in Korean Won23 billion Korean Won
Jungkook EarningsBTS Music, Concerts, Live Tours, Brand Endorsements
BTS Jungkook CarsMercedes Benz GT63 S
Jungkook HousesUS$7 million two-story house in Itaewon USD 2 million apartment located in Seongsu-dong, Trimage Complex, Seoul
Jungkook DonationsUS $ 380K collectively to charities to boost their small business

Jungkook is the most searched BTS member on Google and youtube. Therefore, it would be correct to say that Jungkook is the most popular BTS member among the national and international audience. And It makes complete sense as he is brilliant in singing, rapping, and dancing. While he might be the youngest member of BTS he has achieved a lot to date. It is reported that Jungkook bought his apartment in Seoul by paying $1.7 million in cash. He has made ARMY stressed that he would like to produce his mixtape and left them waiting in anticipation. Whenever he drops his mixtape, it will be an end record. And quite possible that Jungkook net worth will skyrocket up this list.

bts jungkook net worth 2021

Jungkook is also notable for covering songs of famous artists like Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, and Lauve. Therefore, there is a huge chance for cross-promotion collaborations with western pop stars.

bts net worth 2022
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