The Most Anticipated “Taekook Live” Has Smashed The Internet
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The Most Anticipated “Taekook Live” Has Smashed The Internet

May 5, 2020, Taekook Live is one for History!

BTS is letting ARMY know what they have been up to on a daily basis through BTS of the Day tweets on their official Twitter account. From Suga’s Honey FM and his visit to Jin’s Uncle’s strawberry farm with the rest of the boys to Jungkook’s amazing boxing session.

Taekook Live…

The latest one is Taekook Live after a long period of wait. On May 5, BTS V and Jungkook hosted a live after 4 years from their last live.

Taekook last live

Within 5 minutes of Taehyung and Jungkook first getting on V Live, ARMY collectively shouted “TAEKOOK” and it quickly trended #1 worldwide.

Taekook trended over world after their Live

They started the Livestream with the cutest thing by excitedly calling their ship name and leaving their fans soft.

Taekook Making Carnations…

They both prepare the carnations in tribute to Upcoming parents’ day. The most beautiful flower by Jungkook and Headband by Taehyung.

Taekook live on May 5 smashed the Internet
Screenshot from Vlive
Finally Taekook did a live Blessed the Army
Screenshot from Vlive

Taekook Jamming to Ugh…

In broadcast, they played the “UGH” and enjoyed jamming it.

Taekook Singing Lauv’s Never Not…

After Jungkook’s Cover of Never Not, they both decided to do it once again in their live, and danced in tiny with perfect sync.

Taekook Selca…

After live, they blessed the ARMY with their Selca. V sported a pair of chic sunglasses while Jungkook cutely pouted. The duo proudly held their craft project in the picture captioned as

Mother’s Day carnation must be made on Children’s Day too!”

Taekook Selca on Twitter
Bts-twt/ official

as of May 5, is Children’s Day in Korea.

The selca happened after a long wait of year!

Taekook last Selca

As the live ended, Jungkook said he was going to thank his parents on the occasion of Mothers’ Day. He even confessed that he always thanks them on every important occasion, including his birthday.


Watch Complete Lives Here…

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