The D-2 Countdown Revealed a Long-Awaited Agust D-2

The D-2 Countdown Revealed a Long-Awaited Agust D-2

Agust D is back!

Suga Agust d 2

On May 22 KST Apple Music has updated Agust D’s official profile image with a new one. Before it, Big Hit Entertainment was releasing Countdown teasers starting with D-7. And ARMYs don’t have a think about what is going on until D-2 which released on May 22 KST.

The D-2 teaser image again sent fans into a frenzy as it was more perplexing from the D-3 teaser.

A few hours later of D-2 teaser, Apple Music Updated Agust D’s official profile that only allowed by artists to change. It means Suga or Big Hit Entertainment themselves made an update to change the profile.

After this #AGUSTD2ISCOMING trended no.1 on Worldwide trends. Not only this, but Suga’s previous Album Agust D which was released on Agust 15 back in 2016 also topped the iTunes charts again all over the World.

But Army awaiting for an official statement from BigHit.

Fans are losing their minds as Suga hadn’t given any teaser or even hint about it. Instead he was just advising ARMYs to not expect his mixtape for a while!

Yoongi talking about Agust D -2

But what if it’s not as we think? Or BTS has other plans as they are always a step ahead! So Stay Tuned for more information.


Difficult to belive…

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