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The CUTE Goodbye Habit of BTS’s Jimin popped out Again at SBS #On3rdwin

Bts’s Jimin has a cute habit of waving at fans and goodbye from his car. This was again seen on returning from Inkigayo [SBS World] after their 3rd win on ON.

BTS has won at [SBS World] on their masterpiece ON and #ON3rdwin is now trending on Twitter. They have also performed Black Swan and ON.


The most amusing thing was that the battle was against BTS’s Black Swan and BTS’s ON  (sounds like BTS Vs BTS).

After Inkigayo [SBS World ] BTS ‘s Jimin was caught waving goodbye to his fans on his way to home.

BTS’s Jimin didn’t do this for the First time. He was also seen waving at his fans during BTS’s TEAR era.

He was looking like a Tiny Cute Orange coming out from the window.

bts jimin goodbye in orange outfitbts jimin goodbye in orange outfit

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