BTS’ Suga Gives A Bit Of Jungkook Singing the Guide Vocals for “Dear My Friend”

BTS’ Suga Gives A Bit Of Jungkook Singing the Guide Vocals for “Dear My Friend”

Listen to the angelic voice of Jungkook singing the guide vocals for Suga’s Dear My Friend.

On May 28 KST, BTS‘s Suga held a two-hour-long session to share some stories behind the making Agust D-2 mixtape. And his vlive became the most viewed solo live with 10 million realtime views, beating J-Hope’s live with 9.3 million views.

Suga shares jungkook was the vocal guide for dear friend
Screenshot from Vlive

During his broadcast, Suga gave the ARMY in-depth details about the making of “Daechwita” Mv and shared the Dates of writing all the 10 tracks in D-2 mixtape.

He also shared that Jungkook was actually the guide vocal for the song “Dear My Friend”.

Jungkook sings dear my friend for suga
Courtesy to Big Hit

And then Suga revealed about having the recording on his laptop. Fans asked in the comments if he would like to play the recording on which he gladly turned on an initial of Jungkook singing the guide vocals.

Take a listen to Jungkook singing Dear My Friend in his heavenly vocals.

He added that The track “Dear My Friend” feat. Kim Jong Wan (A member from Nell) was intentionally put as last on the tracklist. The reason behind doing it was that Suga wanted it to sound like a “Curtain call” style ending song. He originally titled “Dear My Friend” as “Friends”. But he later changed it, as “Friends” by Jimin and V had already included in their latest Album Map Of The Soul: 7.

Fiends by jimin and v

Suga continued that he had Kim Jong Wan in mind to sing the melody of the song from the beginning of the process for writing the song. He even took a vocal lesson from him and also admitted that he fanboy-ed a bit as it felt like he was at a Nell concert in a front-row seat.

Suga on vlive
Screenshot from Vlive

It’s so heartwarming and nice to see that BTS members supporting Suga with his Agust D through guide vocals, sending coffee trucks, and even making cameos in the music video!

Listen to the beautiful song by Agust D!

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