Shirtless Jungkook Photobombed on Jin’s Selca And He Posted It As Is

Shirtless Jungkook Photobombed on Jin’s Selca And He Posted It As Is

Shirtless Jungkook on Jin’s Selca while hugging him is everything we need in this quarantine.

We have often seen BTS Jungkook and Jin playing around each other as if they re of the same age while in truth they are not.

Jungkook and Jin funny moments

With their silly personalities and close bond who would have thought that they are the oldest and youngest member of BTS?

Before the End of July 2, 2020. Jin uploaded a series of three photos that made ARMY’s heart ponder. At first, it looks like a regular selca of Worldwide Handsome.

Jinkook childish moments

But the second and third photo becomes strange as the strong muscular arm was wrapped around his neck in a hugging position. Yes, it’s no other than Kookie. Jungkook who keeps interfering because of photos being taken and Seokjinnie who uploads them as is.

Well, it’s no longer a surprise since we know that the BTS loves Potoboming their members specially their Jin hyung whenever he tried striking a pose here are some examples:

shirtless Jungkook on Jin's selca twitter

Jungkook and BTS photobombing Jin photos

BTS members photobombing Jin's Selca


BTS photobombnig eachother

But what makes this post extra special is the fact that Jungkook is shirtless in it. Let us have a look.

Shirtless Jungkook Photobombed on Jin's Selca And He Posted It As Is

He captioned the tweet

Jungkook, who interferes with taking pictures,

And ARMYs loved it a lot and seems hungry for more…

Jungkook shirtless selca fans reaction

This is proof that Jungkook will always be a baby this Jin Hyung…

Source: Koreaboo, Video

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