RM Revealed The Must-Know Details Of BTS’s Album While Continuing Namjooning Adventures
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RM Revealed The Must-Know Details Of BTS’s Album While Continuing Namjooning Adventures

BTS RM treated ARMY on Twitter with two of his aesthetic snaps before going live on YouTube to update on the BTS’s new album.

BTS leader RM is always here to make our weekends bright with his calming presence. This time RM took to twitter and shared two aesthetics photos of him while going on a hike (Namjooning). In the photos, you can see Namjoon sitting on a mountain top with his back to the camera while enjoying an ethereal view…

Namjoon Hiking
BTS-twt | Twitter.com

He captioned “Do you know Cheongo & Mabi”

 Cheongo means the skies are high and blue and Mabi means the horses are getting fat, according to @choi_bts2’s translation. Hence, with Cheong & Mabi, Namjoon is basically referring to the season when the sky is clear and we eat a lot, just like autumn. Not only Namjoon tweeted, but he also held a Youtube Live session to update ARMY on BTS Upcoming Album. He revealed some deets about the album, which is expected to release sometime before 2020 ends.

BTS RM youtube live sharing new details of BTS Album
Screenshot from Bangtan TV | Youtube.com

Nowadays, BTS is practicing for their upcoming online concert Map of the Soul ON:E, which is going to take place on October 10-11.  RM told that the septet is also giving the finishing touches to their album.

Namjoon expressed how he’s trying to rekindle the musical purity that he used to love and the mental satisfaction he used to get as his younger self when holding a mic, making his rhyme notes and writing lyrics made him happy.

RM details of BTS new album
Screenshot from Bangtan TV | Youtube.com

“The album is in the home stretch. There are things that feel good and things not so ready. Still, when I hear the songs I feel that my heart and the heart of our members are coming together to create this album.” – Namjoon

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He added

 “I don’t know what the result will be. We didn’t know where Dynamite would go. With these songs, really setting aside chart performance, ‘How many people will it be able to reach?’ That’s what I’m really wondering about.

Screenshot from Bangtan TV | Youtube.com

 I think we’re doing all that we can to make sure it can find its way to just one more person,”

And regarding the concept for BTS new album, RM revealed,

“The new album contains a lot of sincerity. Being able to accept that sincerity as being genuine, having that relationship, that team and, society.

That’s what I want to believe in. So that this sincerity accepted as sincere can spread like the seeds of dandelions and flowers everywhere. That’s our mindset in making this album and we’re putting the finishing touches.”

Watch BTS RM live with English Subs Here!

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