Exact Reason Why BTS V Didn’t Attend Suga’s D-Day Final Concert

Exact Reason Why BTS V Didn’t Attend Suga’s D-Day Final Concert

After the end of Suga’s successful D-day concert where every member of BTS where present, speculations were made for the absence of BTS V in the concert.

On August 4, 2023 BTS‘s Suga performed his final D-DAY Concert in his homeland and took over the hearts of millions of fans. During the show, many members were spotted from performers like Jimin, RM and Jungkook. While some took the role of audience like the two Seoks of BTS Jin ad J-Hope.

BTS Jin and J-Hope on Suga's concert
Courtesy to Big Hit Music

But the only member who couldn’t be seen was BTS versatile Visual V!

Bts V didn't attend suga's concert in korea
Courtesy to Big Hit Music

V didn’t attended the show and ARMY was missing him yet they knew it was due to some valid cause.  And the reason why BTS V didn’t attend Suga’s concert is schedule for Layover. He was on his schedule for solo debut on September 8, 2023. BTS V is releasing his first solo Album Layover and has dropping teasers of music videos and concept photos.

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Moreover, V was also on schedule with Pixid YouTube channel where he will have to pretend to be a fake cat owner in disguise. Fans remembered that when Pixid asked for participants, it was filming on August 4, the same day of Suga’s show. So it was completely normal for V to have a lot of schedules ahead of his solo.

Image Source: Pixid

While ARMYs understanding the reason why V didn’t attend Suga’s concert. They were amazed with the fact that Taehyung’s parents were present in the concert to cheer-up Suga in his place. It is beautiful to see that after many years, BTS and their families supporting each other. There’s no doubt that V might wanted to go, but because he couldn’t of course. it was his favorite Hyung’s concert. But let’s cheer him by giving lots of love and support to his first ever album!

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