This Papa Mochi and Baby Mochi’s thing on”Home Fest” will melt your heart

Papa Mochi and Baby Mochi’s things on”Home Fest” will melt your heart

The uwu interaction of James and Baby Mochi Jimin again proved that he is the favorite of TV shows anchors.

Jimin knows that his ARMY affectionately calls him a Mochi due to his too much Cuteness and resembles with it.

Baby Mochi Jimin
Courtesy To Big Hit

On “Carpool Karaoke with BTS” in James’s Corden Show a cute interaction between both spotted.

Baby mochi and Papa mochi in  “Carpool Karaoke with BTS”

James enjoys teasing Jimin by saying “Baby Mochi “and Jimin shyly laughed and named him “Papa Mochi”. James loved it so much that he even wrote his name on his Twitter account.

Baby Mochi and Papa Mochi

ARMY and the members of BTS too loved this adorable interaction so much.

On March 30, James held a “HOME FEST” with global celebrities and BTS – The main purpose was to raise the awareness on prevention of COVID-19. BTS talked about how the Army and they are connected together and that they are missing their fans and their ARMY so much.

Bts performedBoy with Luv i HOME FEST

After that BTS performed on “Boy with Luv”.

At the end of performance UWU interaction of Baby mochi and Papa mochi spotted again.

As the performance finished Jimin made a heart to James and James retort it to him.

It is rare for a western man to make a heart like that. But James loved to do it for Baby mochi.

BTS was also caught on Camera hinting about something just as before they did. Army has to wait for what BTS is planning for them.

Watch BTS checks in from quarantine and Complete performance Below.

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