The Most Popular BTS Member Article of Your Dreams

The Most Popular BTS Member Article of Your Dreams

 BTS stardom has recently skyrocketed, but there’s no overnight success. BTS’s popularity as a whole group has grown slowly but immensely over the past few years. These days, BTS shines everywhere. It is now considered that no one can resist the appeal of this catchy group. But attention isn’t always given equally to the members, although fans love them all. And That’s why we’re here! 

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Who is BTS? And Why is BTS so popular?

BTS is Record-Breaking South Korean Boy Band that debuted seven years ago in 2013. Created by Big Hit Entertainment, the band broke through the culture barrier overseas and made significant waves worldwide. They’ve become the voice of the youth. Their music contains powerful messages and tackles teenage struggles and society’s pressure that adulthood faces.

who is the most popular bts member
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Most Popular BTS Member

As we already know, BTS is a hot topic around the World. If you’re a dedicated BTS Army, you will surely agree that BTS comprises seven handsome, equally talented, and unique members who are incredibly keen. Each has its own charm.

bts visual
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Although, there is always one particular member that attracts everyone and is usually the most popular among them. We will find the most popular BTS member nationally, internationally, and in all possible terms.

While discussing, you’ll probably notice that the Maknae line (Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin) of BTS is even in terms of popularity.

Also, Find Out Who Is The Most Richest Member Of BTS in 2020.


In terms of Fancams, BTS’s Visual Kim Taehyung or V is the most popular member.

taehyung 2019 Dicon
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Almost all of his fan-cams reached millions of views. Before V, Jimin had this particular title for his “Fake Love” Fan-cam, having 104 million views. Taehyung beat the most viewed fancam of his own bandmate. Now “Boy with Luv” fancam of BTS V is the most-watched fancam of all the time with more than 129 million views till the date.

Brand Index Reputation:

Jimin Topped the Brand Reputation more than any other K-pop Idol.

Korean Business Research Institute ranks every month’s brand reputation rankings for individual boy group members. For Brand Index Reputation, BTS member Jimin is the King. He is ruling the title over all the K-Pop idols for two years in a row. 

who is the most popular bts member
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Poll- Gallup

The most popular BTS member on the Poll is Jimin.

most popular bts member poll

Gallup is an organization dedicated to analytics and consumer trends that ranks idols on the basics of their popularity and marketability. It’s the same poll used to conduct presidential election surveys also. And according to Gallup, Jimin ranked in the top spot for two consecutive years, 2018 and 2019, being the most preferred idol in South Korea.

Along with, BTS Jimin has also been named King of K-Pop in 2019 by The Independent News And Media.


In the case of trends, Jungkook is a BTS member living in Highlights. 

jimin cute

He is also epithet as the owner of twitter. Every time he goes crazy viral on Twitter, having No. 1 position on World Wide Trends just by simply tweeting a picture of him, or doing song covers for only a few seconds. His “Never Not” tweet is the second-most retweeted tweet of 2020.


For Merch Sale, V exists being the most popular Bts member. 

V’s merchandises are mostly the one that sold out first. Giving him the nickname “Out Of Stock Fairy.” 

taehyung face

Take the example of Map of the Soul Tour Official Merch (Japan Fanclub), V was the fastest among the BTS members who sold out it.

In 2018, each BTS member had their own Mattel doll created on the IDOL theme and sold out to the ARMY. V’s Doll became one of the most sold, ranking amongst Amazon’s top toy products.


Jungkook has the most followed Fansite among BTS.

jimin and jungkook

Talking about Fansites, BTS member Jungkook has the most followed fansite over all other BTS members named SNOWPEACH. With a whopping amount of 1.8 million followers on Twitter, his fansite is also the most followed K-pop fansite.    

For the Most number of fansites among BTS members, V is a hot topic for grabbing the most considerable amount, according to Quora.

taehyung kim

Most Searched on Google

For most searched BTS member on Google, its is no other than Jungkook.

jungkook drawing

 Analytics revealed that BTS Jungkook is the most searched K-pop idol on worldwide google. It is pleasing to know that all the members of BTS found a spot in the Top 10. Among Celebrities Top 10 of Google’s Most Searched K-Pop Idols Worldwide in the year 2020.

most searched bts member on google

Jungkook is Followed by V and Jimin in the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. After Maknae Line, Suga managed to grab the 4th spot.

who is the most popular bts member

In the 7th position, we have Jin.

bts instagram

RM and J-Hope are placed at the 9th and 10th spots.

bts leader

Most searched on Youtube

Jungkook reached a new height of fame and success becoming the most searched member of BTS on Youtube.

most searched idol on youtube

Jungkook took over YouTube in 2020. While BTS breaking numerous views records. And in the end, Jungkook is the most-searched male idol on YouTube last year and overall idol on YouTube.

Following Jungkook, all BTS members took the top 15 positions in the chart.

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On Tumblr

Jungkook is most popular BTS member on Tumblr.

most popular member of bts

Jungkook has crowned Tumblr’s Most Popular K-Pop star for 2020 maintaining his streak for three years. He also won the same title in 2018 and 2019. Also, BTS members rank Top 7, followed by other K-pop stars on Tumblr’s Most Popular.

On Tiktok

BTS Jungkook is the only Soloist on TikTok to have this title.

most popular bts member

Jungkook’s hashtag on Tiktok has gained over 15.6 Billion views surpassing, making him the most mentioned celebrity on Tiktok.

Among Celebrities

Among celebrities, BTS Suga is the most popular.

suga most popular bts member

 Suga is always being loved and mentioned by celebrities. He is exceptionally brilliant at his job. He tends to produce the best songs of all time. And the celebrities always fell in love after they’d worked with him. Highlighted Examples are MAX and Halsey.

min suga

Besides this, whenever he collabs with any artist, he always gets awarded the Award for Best collaboration. Till December 2020, Suga now had multiple awards under his name, including this year’s iconic collab hit “Eight.” 

In Males

Jimin is the only BTS member who has the most fanboys than other members.

jimin aesthetics
Courtesy of DICON Korea

Jimin has top-notch charms and fashion sense that makes males swoon over him. Most of the fans go out of the way and even scream louder than female fans to express their immense love for Jimin. On top of that, celebrities have also become fanboys like James Rodriguez and Tony Jones.

You can read the reasons why he’s so popular among males.


After Jungkook, V recently took over Twitter with his tweets for most likes. 

kim taehyung most popular bts member

Twitter has released the most-liked and retweeted tweets of 2020. And BTS V reigned with the most liked tweets this year among all K-Pop. Also, Taehyung generated six tweets in the list of the Top 30 most selected tweets of all-time. And those tweets contain stunning and elegant V cuts (name V gave himself). 

Not only this, V created a remarkable history to surpass 7.2M tweets on his birthday.

As a hashtag, #HappyVDay became the most used birthday hashtag for a Korean artist. After having the most liked posts on BTS’ official Instagram account, the most handsome BTS member again proves his incredible popularity on social media. 

Here are some chart data that shows who is the most popular BTS member 2020 in different countries.

Here we are sharing the chart data created by K-STAT. These charts represent the most popular member of BTS Based on Google Searches Till December 25, 2020. 

Most popular BTS member in US is Jungkook.

most popular bts member in America

Most popular BTS member in INDIA is V.

who is the most popular bts member in india

Most popular BTS member in TURKEY is Jimin.

most popular bts member in turkey

Most popular BTS member in PHILIPPINES is Jungkook.

most popular bts member in philippines

Most popular BTS member in JAPAN is V. It is also called as “TaeTaeLand” by Fans.

most popular bts member in japan

Most popular BTS member in UK is Jungkook.

most popular bts member in uk

Most popular BTS member in GERMANY is Jungkook.

most popular bts member in germany

The famous BTS member in RUSSIA is V. Also, V is a BTS member which has the biggest fanbase in Russia.

most popular bts member in russia

The most popular BTS member in PAKISTAN is V.

most popular bts member in pakistan

The most popular BTS member in INDONESIA is V.

most popular bts member in indonesia

The most popular BTS member in SOUTH KOREA is Jungkook.

most popular bts member in south korea


Putting to the end, Jungkook is the most popular BTS member for the rest of 2020.

who is the most popular bts member in the world 2020

But in that instance of Non-Fans, V is the most Captivating and famous among BTS.

BTS’s popularity already reached over the moon in 2020 with their dynamic hit Dynamite. And the popularity of one member really doesn’t matter because their ARMY loves each and everyone unconditionally!

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  1. Creator of the article also include second n third largest search engine.. Baidu n yandex.. don’t forget..

  2. Yess agree! Every member is the most popular in different country but Jungkook is the most popular worldwide?

  3. Jimin is most popular in Korea, then JK, then V
    Most often tweeted/retweeted about: JK, Jimin, then V
    Internationally Jimin + JK go head to head as best known/loved by celebs, tho V is listed as Most Handsome
    Trending, JK +Jimin go head to head, with V after
    Overall merch sold, from concerts, reg. merch, from companies selling their merch,
    to things members vlog about using, eating, drinking, wearing, JK + Jimin go head to
    head, tho JK fans are more vocal, then V

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