MiniMoni Kitchen Adventure was Full of Disasters giving Suga a Hard Time

MiniMoni Kitchen Adventure was Full of Disasters giving Suga a Hard Time

Suga is trying really hard to stay calm! in Run BTS Episode 103.

With new content almost every week, constant interactions with the Fans through Weverse, V Live, YouTube Live sessions, and the most favorite Run BTS, BTS is proving why they have such a loyal fanbase!

On May 5, Run BTS episode 103 with all cute moments of MiniMoni was aired on Vlive. After a previous episode full of Taekook moments, the Army now had tons of hilarious and destructive moments of RM and Jimin.

Mini moni Adventures in Run BTS episode 103
Screenshot From Vlive

As Run BTS episode 103 decided RM and Jimin were in Chef Min’s team in Cooking Avatar. it all started with the same Apron confusion but fast to perceive it as good teamwork.

Aware of God Of Destruction Powers…

Suga being aware of Namjoon’s destructive powers focuses on giving som easy and safe tasks like just to pour water. He even gave him a personal order to stay still.

For You, Safty is the First, Second, And Third Priority!

Jimin having fun Teasing RM…

Jimin was enjoying so much teasing RM by giving his own orders to call him he is hyung and handsome!

Chicken Stock, Sheepdog is the new Carbonara, Lachibolala…

Rm and Jimin didn’t have any clue what chicken stock is and RM misheard to Sheepdog. And asking if they had anything to do with stock options.

Input Errors…

After a smooth start, things started to get difficult as Namjoon misunderstood Suga’s instructions of Kimchi Stew to Chicken and Frying Pan to Laundry!

Garlic in the Wrong bowl…

The worst situation stated when RM added the garlic in the batter instead of the kimchi stew pot.

Salt Camouflage as Sugar…

After RM added the garlic they almost made Yoongi burst a vein! Yoongi decided to take a chance and cook for two minutes.

Rm and jimin Cooking in kitchen
Screenshot From Vlive

What he found is even more shocking. They were asked to add a Spoonful of sugar and salt they ended up adding the spoon of coarse salt and fine salt both.

Bts Suga Guiding minimoni in Run Bts episode 103
Screenshot From Vlive

Chaotic chefs …

Out of hurry RM and Jimin dropped the spoon container.

In Run BTS episode 103 Rm Making Fuss in Kitchen
Screenshot From Vlive

Passion like RM…

Yoongi asked if the flame is high or low because it was supposed to be medium RM answered with great confidence that it was actually high making Yoongi burst into laughter!

Rm Doing Cooking in Run BTS episode 103
Screenshot From Vlive
Run BTS episode 103 Suga Guiding Rm For Cooking
Screenshot From Vlive

Adjusting FILA Promotion …

Jimin splashed the water over J-Hope’s and it is the Best Time to promote Fila.

Teamwork Crisis…

The Way Namjoon changed his mind and blamed himself for extra points When J-Hope asked about the teamwork.

100% Plating…

Suga left plating up to Jimin and it was a masterpiece.

Squirrel Get Back in from the Hell…

After huge excitement, Jimin decided to use their last weapon to get the points (The famous squirrel bowl from the Run episode 20)

All is not Lost…

Even after the chaos, Chef Min’s Team was expecting a good result.

Remarks oF The Day…




Watch the complete episode here.


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