Jungkook’ Sideburns & Jin’ Transparent Chair Became The Talk Of The Town After BTS  Family Portrait

Jungkook’ Sideburns & Jin’ Transparent Chair Became The Talk Of The Town After BTS Family Portrait

BTS Festa family portraits with Jungkook’s sideburns and Jin’s Transparent chair were the Best gifts for Army on their birthday.

bts festa 2020 funny photos

On June 2, Big Hit released BTS family portraits for BTS Festa 2020 and they were hilarious. But there are some things that caught the attention of fans which are as follows.

1. J-Hope’s Misplaced Hand…

The awkwardness is at peak.

bts festa 2022 funny family portraits

2. Jungkook’s Sideburns with Elvis Sunglasses…

Another thing that caught the attention of the Army is Jungkook’s sideburns with Elvis Presley sunglasses and become trending in South Korea at no. 12.

Bts festa 2020 funny portraits

Jungkook sideburns

This is probably the most normal pose of Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook elvis sunglasses

Now ARMYs is having too much fun while enjoying Jungkook’s Elvis Presley hairstyle.

Elvis JAY KAY’s Debut…

BTS Festa family Portraits Funny Compilation

What About a Saturday Dico Night…

Jin’s Invisible Chair…

That will be a masterpiece in BTS Family Portraits. At first glimpse, everything is fine indeed most beautiful.

But if you notice it carefully you’ll see that the bench wasn’t enough for seven of them and Jin meditating in the mid of Air.

BTS Jin transparent chair

Jin was sitting in the air so perfectly that it seemed nothing wrong. After this hilarious scenario “Transparent chair” trended in Korea.

BTS jin invisble chair trended in korea

He didn’t even sit yet trended shows the Power that World Wide Handsome holds.

But creative ARMY took advantage of Jin’ s pose and made it even funnier.

Namjoon and Jin cycling…

Namjoon and Jin cycling...

Namjoon and Jin riding horse…

BTS jin funny memes

Namjoon and Jin on surfing boat…

BTS jin sitting on transparent chair memes

and at Witch’ Broom…

bts jin invisible chair

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