JTBC announces to Broadcast BTS Content for 5 Weeks in a Row

JTBC announces to Broadcast BTS Content for 5 Weeks in a Row

BTS content for over 5 weeks is starting to broadcast from April 16 by JTBC. Army now has a Golden Chance to meet BTS on every Thursday.

BTS love your self content will go air every thursday

It is reported that Tv Network JTBC, announced to air BTS content for Five weeks. On April 16, BTS Movie “Bring The Soul” will be air at 11 pm KST. The Movie is based on BTS life after accomplishing the Large-Scale “Love Yourself World Tour 2018”. It reveals fragments from their Love Yourself Tour in 2018 as they reminisce it on the rooftop of Paris while eating together.

BTS Bring the Soul Movie 2018

On April 23, JTBC will air BTS “Bring The Soul: Docu-Series”for three weeks straight. The three-week Documentary series will reveal the Hardwork and Struggle which they have put in their Tour. It involves the interviews of BTS speaking about performing their first Stadium Tour, Europe’s performance, and other events that happened during the tour.

BTS bring the Soul Docu - Series

Finally, on May 14, JTBC will Broadcast the Love Yourself Concert Film in the Seoul. It will concentrate on the Seoul concert as part of their World Tour

BTS love yourself tour BTS Content

Army stay tunned up Fo BTS Five-Week special during this Quarantine.

BTS Content for 5 Weeks on Jtbc

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