Jin’s Duplexity Revealed during the Frisky Vlive of Jimin & Army goes nuts over it.
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Jin’s Duplexity Revealed during the Frisky Vlive of Jimin & Army goes nuts over it.

BTS Jimin held a Frisky Vlive on March 30. And in it he made a Cute conversation with Jin calling him during the Live Stream which made Army goes nuts over it.

In his Vlive, Jimin chatted with fans, held a Mukbang Session feat. Kimchi Fried rice, Answered fans questions and called V and Jin.

Jimin called Jin on His Frisky Vlive

Jimin Called Jin during his Frisky Vlive…

In the mid of his Vlive, Jimin made a call to his bandmate Jin, he explained that Jin is more likely to pick the call and that, ARMY wanted to know what members of BTS are doing.

>Bts Jimin called Jin and V on his Frisky Vlive

Yet Jin didn’t know it so Jimin mischievously told him that he is from Cleaning House Service the same as V made a prank on him.

Jimin played a trick on Jin during his Frisky vlive

It seemed that Jin didn’t want to fell for the trick so denied the offer quickly. It’s the time when Jimin let Jin know that he is having broadcast. He asked

“Then how about a greeting for ARMY?”

We can feel the awkward silence for a bit after that Jin turns into a completely different yet cute person. His voice changed from Sleepy to Cheerful. Even Jimin was surprised over the sudden change.

Making Jin Remember the Schedule…

Jimin asked Jin what he was doing Because ARMY wanted to know it. Jin Proudly revealed that

“I’m Lying on the bed”

Jimin reminded Jin that hey have a Schedule in about an Hour. Jin again immediately changed the story that he was in front of the building.

Jimin caught Jin in lie on hids Frisky V live

Jimin told him to check the schedules from now on. After all the cute conversation, Jin wanted to have a meal together with Jimin but he already had it while having a broadcast with the fans. He even persuaded Jimin to eat again and change the clothes too.

The awkward silence again followed as Jin said

I Love You, Jimin

And he replied

“I Love You too”

And their lovely conversation ended.

Jimin ended the Frisky Vlive again promising to come next week and having it with V. Stay tunned for the Live Stream.

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