Jimin Challenges BTS Members To Find What He Was having under his Foot!

Jimin Challenges BTS Members To Find What He Was having under his Foot!

Jimin gave a challenge to Bts members to find what was he hiding on the bottom of his foot!

RUN BTS ep 97 Behind The Scenes
Courtesy to BigHit

BTS members become flustered as Jimin made a challenge asking them to find out what was written under his foot.

RUN BTS ep 97
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BTS members are becoming a source of entertainment and hope in this difficult and dangerous situation. When everyone is self-quarantined BTS is giving us hope and making us smile.

BTS Giving HopeAgainst COVID-19
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On March 24, Run BTS Ep: 97 released. BTS was having a Pajama Party, and playing games, making us laugh even that you may fall off your bed.

Pajama Party of BTS

It was arduous to understand that it was a Pajama party or Kindergarten class as it was full of silliness.

Run BTS Ep 97 Funny scenes
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Talking for today’s RUN BTS episode, Jimin was being cute all the time. He always acts cute, but this time Jimin’s habit made all BTS members confuse and laugh.

Jimin Made aChallenge for members
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Jimin was wearing a floral pajama and a simple white shirt with white socks.

Jimin behind the scenes RUN BTS Ep 97
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His socks might not know that they are in danger. AS the first game started, when BTS have to do a Telepathy by writing a word and drawing for it.

BTS playing telepathy in RUN BTS ep 97
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Meanwhile, Jimin drew a face and wrote two words on his socks.”WOW” on the left foot and “Hmmm” on the right foot.

Jimin Being Cute in RUN BTS Ep 97
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I Dunno I Dunno!

Jimin’s Epic phrase “I don’t know” fits perfectly on this when he showed his foot to the camera. Jimin became a cute dramatic person as if he doesn’t know how it happened.

RUN BTS ep 97 Behind The Scenes
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Jungkook also followed his JiminHyung drawing a face on his socks too.

Jimin and Jungkook playying together
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They both proudly showed it to J-Hope making him burst out into a laugh.

BTS’s Telepathy

After on he playfully blackmailing Run BTS team as if BTS telepathy work which was failed and said WoW again by showing the foot inscribed with the same.

Jimin showing his foot
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BTS’s TMI Quiz

For the last game when BTS members have to answer for the TMI (Too Much Information) of each member. Jungkook wanted an easy question so, Jimin made a question:

What is written on the bottom of my left foot?

Jimin eye smile
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And made everyone both startled and laugh such as an easy and difficult question. BTS’s reaction to Jimin was hilarious because; They knew the answer but they also didn’t know.

Four members (Jin, RM, Jungkook and V) gave the correct answer which was WOW and the two (Suga, J-Hope) guessed it the wrong.

Jimin being cute
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So, ARMY did you know the right answer.

Watch Complete Episode here:

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