7 Things Army Love To See In Every Jikook Live

7 Things Army Love To See In Every Jikook Live

BTS members Jimin and Jungkook held two Vlives where they were seen cooking a Korean dish and it was full of ARMYs every time favorite Jikook moments!

Jungkook and Jimin  Holding mics together
Photo= Big Hit

On June 21, BTS Jimin and Jungkook hosted two Vlives and prepared a Korean Dish “Kimbap“.While cooking, the duo gifted the ARMY their all-time lovely Jikook moments to gush about.

Here are the 7 darling moments of Jimin and Jungkook in their every “Jikook live”

Jungkook and Jimin Tattoos…

Whenever and where ever they gather Army love to see the combination of Jungkook and Jimin’s Tattoos!

Jungkook  real tattoos in live

Jimin nevermind tattoos

jimin young forever tattoo

Jikook Holding Hands…

The strongest bond between two brothers is Everything for Army.

Jungkook and Jimin holding hands in live
Photo= Vlive screenshot

Jimin Kissing His little Donsaeng…

Jimin said himself many times that he loves Jungkook so much as his brother. This is because he has a younger brother the same age as Jungkook.

JIKOOK moments

Jimin kissing jungkok

Jimin and Jungkook kissing Each other

Jikook kissing each other in vlive

So anytime he finds chance he always kisses his cute Dongsaeng!

Feeding Each-other…

Jungkook and Jimin always feed each-other.

Jimin and Jungkook feeding each other
Photo= Vlive Screenshot

Specially Jungkook who always takes care and makes sure that Jimin had eaten properly and he is conscious about his diet.

Jikook staring at each other…

The intense staring of Jikook at each other always make ARMY thirsty for more!

Jikook moments


Jungkook and Jimin staring each other in live

and more…

Jungkook and Jimin staring at each other

more and more…

Jikook staring at each other
Photo= Vlive Screenshot

Wearing White and Black

They are always wearing white and black in their lives.

Jikook moments in vlive
Photo= Vlive Screenshot
Jimin and Jungkook wearing black and white dresses
Photo= Vlive Screenshot
Jikook wearing black white
Photo= Vlive Screenshot
Jikook live funny moments
Photo= Vlive Screenshot

The Always Drama Creating Strategy…

The one thing that is common in their Vlives is being Drama. The dramatic actions of Jimin before making kimbap as if he’s going to an operation left ARMY rolling in the ground.


And the time when Jungkook said that “His Heart is Burning” and left Jimin flustered.


Watch their Complete Vlives with English Subtitles Here.

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