J-Hope Reveals The Reason For Military Service And Why He Is Sad About It

J-Hope Reveals The Reason For Military Service And Why He Is Sad About It

BTS J-Hope made an emotional impact on the ARMYs with his response ahead of his Military Service .

Soon after BIGHIT MUSIC released the statement that BTS‘s J-Hope terminated the postponement of his military enlistment, revealing that he is now eligible to be called to serve.

Later on, J-Hope held a live on Weverse to have a nice talk with ARMY regarding the solo activities of his fellow members, and revealed that he thought a lot about the time when to enlist since last year. And finally decided to enlist earlier as the sooner he would enlist in military the faster he could return to his beloved ARMYs .

I think I’ve been thinking about this since last year. After Jin-Hyung went in, I wondered when I should do it too. When thinking about it, I decided that the sooner I go in, the sooner I can return and show you something good.

— J-Hope, translated by @ryuminating/Twitter
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J-hope is  well known for his positive personality and cheerful nature and known to be “Happy Virus” as he radiates joy and happiness wherever he goes. So, ARMYs couldn’t hide their sadness after hearing that J-Hope would be terminating his enlistment postponement.

And to assure ARMY J-Hope started a live broadcast and ARMY was quicker to notice that J-Hope was feeling kind of low. And it was right when Hobi revealed that he have a regret as he is enlisting . Being the biggest enthusiastic of the BTS, J-Hope always showers his love and support his members.

Hobi shared that the saddest thing about his enlistment is that; he will not be able to cheer and support on the members during their solo activities as he now has his own schedule and enlistment. And even it is hurting him, he promises that he would continue to support them on as much as he could.

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It’s a fact that not only for J-Hope, it will be hard for ARMYs as well to say farewell to another BTS member. But with a special solo single that is announced to be released before he serve, is quite comforting. On February 27 BIGHIT MUSIC stated that J-Hope is going to release a solo single called “on the street” in order to “share his sincere feelings toward his fans,” with the title reflects “J-Hope’s initial roots as a street dancer from which his dream to become an artist began.

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