The New Pics Of Jennie Claimed “Yes, Its Me” Regarding Dating Rumors With BTS V

The New Pics Of Jennie Claimed “Yes, Its Me” Regarding Dating Rumors With BTS V

Talk about the IDGAF behavior!

On July 12, KST, Blackpink’s Jennie posted a series of photos on her Instagram with a caption “few weeks back”, probably pointing out her trip to Paris. The images were as dapper as ever, except for the pics in which she is wearing a white sweater and a hat. The dress made fans realize this is the same dress that was seen two months back. The infamous rumours of Jennie and BTS V went viral as the couple walked through the road holding hands. Moreover the scarf tied with her bag looks exactly the same that Jennie has around her neck.

Jennie new photos 2023

The agencies of both idols, Jennie and V, didn’t give a satisfying answer back then, but her recent photos might have given a clear answer to the fans. And now the internet is taken up by both fandoms Blinks and Armys. Some fans gave their opinion as the couple seen in the video is indeed them, but others claimed that it was a different couple pretending to be Jennie and Taehyung.

bts v and jennie dating

Whether it’s them or not, fans anticipate a response from their agencies or wait for Taehyung to see if he does the same!

Whatever happens, fans should accept that idols have their private lives, and they are allowed to do anything they want!

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