J-Hope Prepared Bracelets For BTS members, Proving How Precious Are They To Him!

J-Hope making Friendship bracelets for BTS members is the cutest thing you’ll see today!

On May 14, J-Hope hosted a Livestream through Vlive channel and let fans know that he’ll be making bracelets for his members today.

Hobi making bracelet for BTS
Screenshot from Vlive

Along with making bracelets, he was also giving answers to Army. When a fan asked him

“What is the cutest and the most beautiful boy doing right now?”

He playfully answered:

“I’m making a bracelet!”

J-hope preparing bracelets for BTS members
Screenshot from Vlive

J-Hope chooses BTS mic colors to prepare bracelet for each. Moving on’ the first bracelet he made, was for JIMIN. He put on yellow beads, smiley face beads, and a cute charm (A chick) just like chimmy.

Jimin cute character chimmy

J-Hope found it perfect to make a yellow bracelet as yellow is Jimin’s concept moreover his mic color which is of Gold color.

BTS j-hope made bracelet for Jimin
Screenshot from Vlive

The next bracelet he made, for Suga. J-Hope used a white and black color theme to match his simple style.

Suga as lil meow meow

BTS Suga Bracelets
Screenshot from Vlive

The third and last bracelet was for RM. He prepared it with Sky-Blue and white color beads, adding a cute koala charm to it.

J-hope making bracelet for BTS
Screenshot from Vlive

RM chaeractr koala

The bracelets he prepared were either too small or too big, but J-Hope was happy to have made a present for his members. He also planned to return with part 2 of the live stream to make other members‘ bracelets too.

Some Fans were also able to see in the box the charms that J-Hope had selected for the members including a Winter bear for V, a bunny for Jungkook, and RJ for Jin

Taehyung Winter Bear

Jungkook as Bunny

Jin bracelet as RJ

It’s not the first time that J-Hope made presents for BTS members. He is known for gifting presents to them often!.

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When he made Jimin an album for the “Promise”!…

J-Hope making promise album for Jimin

When he bought Taehyung a birthday gift even though they agreed not to…

J-hope gifted V

When he bought Yoongi perfume at the time they were in Dubai…

Jhope bought yoongi a gift

He truly loves his members and values their friendship. And never feel afraid to express it through gifts, actions, and words.

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Watch the complete Bracelet Making process here.

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