J-Hope Donated A Huge Amount Of 100 Million KRW To Support Children

J-Hope Donated A Huge Amount Of 100 Million KRW To Support Children

BTS J-Hope donated a Huge amount of 100 million KRW approx. $84000 to support financially vulnerable children.

BTS Jhope Donated to support children
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J-Hope is a member of the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation, a large donor group. He made an impressive amount of donation to the group and delivered the message,

“I hope that it will be well delivered to children at risk from underprivileged groups who are affected by various social problems, and children suffering from economic difficulties due to Corona 19.” 

BTS J-Hope donated 100 million KRW to children
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On August 18, Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation revealed that BTS J-Hope donated. Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation Chairman Je-hoon Lee said, 

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to J-Hope, a member of the global group BTS, for continuing to donate while remembering economically difficult children. The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation is also helpful. I will do my best to support the children in need.”

J-hope Map Of The Soul 7
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 Back in 2018, J-Hope became the 146th member of the Green Noble Club and sponsored 150 million won to nurture talents and support children. Next, in February of 2019, he again sponsored 100 million won as an alma mater. And in the same year, he still donated 100 million won in December.

J-Hope in white 2018
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 BTS J-Hope is well known for donating and helping others who are in need without notifying the world. Not only J-Hope, recently, but BTS members have also given 1 million dollars for the performance industry crew who have been suffered by pandemic as the schedules canceled. Besides the group, BTS fandom is also famous as a fan club that takes the lead in donating by adding strength to the good influence of BTS.

BTS made a donation for performance crew
BTS J-Hope | Big Hit

And for The amount BTS J-Hope has donated, it is expected to be delivered as an emergency to support the livelihood of disadvantaged and vulnerable children suffering from Covid-19. The donation will prove to be a great help to children in a situation where there is a lot of damage due to the long rainy season along with Corona 19.

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