IU Unveils New Sci-Fi MV Teaser For “Eight” Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS

IU Unveils New Sci-Fi MV Teaser For “Eight” Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS

IU unveils the MV Teaser For “Eight” produced and featured SUGA of BTS.

The second MV Teaser of “Eight” officially released by “Big Hit Labels” at midnight KST. In the teaser, IU lies down on a bed for a procedure and a computer screen asks her, “Do you want to save all of your memories?” via Soompi’s statement.

MV Teaser For “Eight”…


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Lately, IU invited her some lucky fans in an interview to preview her new song before its official release. Her fans have mixed reactions. They were so surprised to listen to it before anyone.

“It’s so good! Really!”

“I think it’s very different.”

MV teaser for Eight of IU
Screenshot from Youtube

“I thought the music will sound dreamier than I thought”.

Some fans also pointed out the rap part of Suga for which ARMY is most excited!

“WoW, the Rap Part!”

IU and Suga Eight teaser MV
Screenshot from Youtube

“As you listen to it you realize that it is a very sad song.”

“A song, unlike previous IU songs!”

IU and Suga MV teaser for Eight
Screenshot from Youtube

Watch The Complete Interview and Reaction of Fans Here.

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