IU and SUGA Confirmed To Release a New Single on May

IU and SUGA Confirmed To Release a New Single on May

Another level collaboration!

IU’s surprise comeback announced having a shocking and exciting collaboration with BTS’s Suga.

On April 27, EDAM Entertainment, (IU’s official agency) declared that she would be making her long-awaited and highly-anticipated return on May 6.

 It is IU’s first song release since her previous Mini Album Love poem, which was released in November 2019.

IU and Suga Collaborated for her new comeback in May 6

An agent of the agency stated that:

“IU will be releasing a digital single on May 6. She had already finished filming the MV for the song along with her music.”

EDAM Entertainment also revealed that IU has collaborated with BTS’ Suga in the making of her upcoming song. As IU and Suga are 93 liners (Of the same age) they had better understood the opinions to give a different style of music as compared to IU’s past music.

IU and Suga confirmed to collaborated on her new comeback on May 6

These two idols worked together to deliver a different feeling and style of music compared to her previous music.

The agency mentioned,

“ Being the musicians of the same age, they were able to correlate, as a foundation for exchanging opinions. They created their own unique synergy, and poured into their song.”

Her agency described that IU has already completed filming the music video for the new song and has a different style. The singer also actively participating in the multifarious composing of music, lyrics, as well as the overall concept of the single in last-minute tasks.

Are you excited about IU and Suga’s collaboration?



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