Here’s How IU and BTS Suga’s Collaboration For “Eight” Happened

Here’s How IU and BTS Suga’s Collaboration For “Eight” Happened

EDAM Entertainment (agency of IU ) announced that “IU will be Presenting a digital single on May 6 produced with BTS Suga.” According to the official source, IU and Suga have written a new song “Eight” together.

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For IU and BTS Suga’s Collaboration, IU was the first to propose a collaboration with Suga. And Suga is also known to have willingly accepted the proposal having great respect for his senior and her music. In addition to being named as a co-composer, producer, Suga will also feature in Rapping.

However, both IU and Suga plan to release detailed information about the new song, such as the song title and genre, according to the schedule. IU’s agency also talked about the previous music style of IU that will now have a different vibe to the existing, as

BTS Suga and IU new song Eight on May 6

“These two shared their thoughts with each other as musicians to create their own unique synergy in “Eight”

IU and BTS Suga’s collaboration expected to be great as These two have the power to become solo musicians by perfectly playing the roles of composition, songwriting, and producer being twenty-seven years old.

IU and Suga collaboration on new song Eight

 In addition, Suga who has collaborated with the biggest names of industries as Suran, Hayes, and Isora in the past to collect topics and stood first in the sound charts for each released. He was also included in Halsey Manic

In January of this year, Suga also participated in the new song ‘Manic‘ by American pop star Halsey

Suga's Interlude on Halsey Manic

Halsey was so impressed by his work. She stated that

“Suga was probably the last member of BTS that anyone would have expected me to collaborate with and the one whose lyrical approach I felt the most connected to. I knew I had to have been a part of this record. I knew that he would get it how it feels like to be manic, to be introspective”

Stay tuned for what Min-Pd-Nim has in store for next!



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