Here’s All Suga Hair Color that He wore Since his debut till 2020.
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Here’s All Suga Hair Color that He wore Since his debut till 2020.

BTS’s Suga or Min-Yoongi have dyed his hair the most in the Group. Suga hair color is the most favorite among BTS hair colors for ARMY.

Min Yoongi/Agust-D

Suga, Min-Yoongi, Agust-D, and affectionately called Min-Suga is a member of Korean Bay-Band and global superstars BTS.


Suga is well known for his “Savage” and “Sweet” personality. His name “Suga” given because of his pale-skin and sweet personality. Although it is a reciprocal of Agust-D (D-T stands for Daegu Town) which was his name when he was a member of underground music.

Bts Suga hair colours era wise evolution
source: kamila kedziora<a

He is now turned to 27(28 according to the Korean Age). In his 7 year career with BTS, he has dyed his hair the most (according to Quora) among the members of BTS. Let us take a look at Suga‘s hair colors.

No More dream

In June 2013, BTS has debuted with a lead single ( No more dream) an album “ 2Cool 4 Skool”.

bts suga debut
source: elizbeth kim>

At that time Suga’s black hair was seen even mostly he wears caps and bandanas.

We are Bulletproof PT-2

After one month from their debut, Suga hair remained Black with the same cap fashion.

Suga Black Hair
Courtsy to Bighit


Bts Suga Brown hair
courtesy to bighit

In September, BTS new Album ORUL82? was released and Suga appeared with “Reddish-Brown shaggy or wavy hair.

Boy In LUV

Suga maintained his hair color for six months since their last Album. But Suga hair color got light and short.

Suga Brown Hair
courtesy to bighit

Just One Day

In “Just One DaySuga hair was dye into Coco-Brown color.

Bts Suga Brown Hair
courtesy to bighit


             In “DangerSuga hair was the same as in N.O Era-Reddish-Brown color.

Suga In Danger era
courtesy to bighit

War of Hormone

Bts Suga in War of Harmone
Screenshot from War of Harmone Mv Shooting

                  Suga maintained Reddish-Brown color but as time passed the color faded and appeared light.

I Need U

            In their new Album after six months we see Suga with Pink hair with a slight touch of Red.

Suga Pink Hair
source:isabelle arias/flickr

That was a beautiful change.


In “DOPESuga blonde hair has appeared. That was the most bright color that he had ever dyed.

Bts Suga in Dope blonde hair

But this looked so stunning and suited him so much because of his pale-skin.


            Suga green hair era was the best era. It was one of the best among Suga hair color history. He dyed his hair light-teal color which appeared as Mint-GreenMintYoongi phrase is adoringly called by ARMY because of his resembles with Mint plant and the qualities common with this talented rapper.

Bts Suga green hair
courtesy to bighit

Mint-Green of Suga Hair Color is the One Special color that the Army loves most!

Suga mint hair deserves a comeback. Mint-colour suited on him so much because of pale-skin. No one can look so SeriousSwaggy and Cute at the same time except for our Savage King: Mint – Yoongi.

Bts Suga green hair
courtesy to Bangtan/tmblr

Young Forever

              In ‘Epilogue: Young Forever‘ ( BTS’s new Album) Suga dyed his hair into blonde color again. As the Album released in summer, the blonde color was a perfect match for it.

Bts Suga in blonde hair
source:wallpaper safari


         Suga can be seen in platinum silver hair in the “Fire” era which makes him look youthful.

Source: vintagegrl/Weheartit

Save Me

                   He maintained his platinum-silver hair in SaveMe.

Suga Silver hair


                BTS’s Suga has released his first Solo-mixtape in 2016 named on his name –  Agust-D. The Swag King appeared in Bleach – Blonde hair color for the third time and slew the heart of ARMY again with his craziness.

Suga Blonde Hair Agust-D
source: Freeaddon

‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’

                       Suga black hair color reappeared in ’Blood, Sweat and Tears’ era after a long time since their debut.

suga black hair

Spring Day

                           In ‘Spring DaySuga remained on the same Black color while having a soft blue-teal tone.

suga black hair
courtesy to bighit

Not Today

         Black hair color with bluehighlights seemed to be great for the theme.

Suga Black Hair
Courtesy To Bighit


Bts Suga Blue hair

          BTS song that debuted in American Television so as Suga with ocean-blue color. Suga blue hair steeled the era along with ARMY hearts. Also, grey-white hair was spotted in the song. This Suga hair color is also greatly loved in history.

Suga in DNA

MIC Drop

               Suga’s white hair was a triumph same as the song “ MIC Drop”. Suga donned this look in the MV which perfectly fits with it.

Suga White hair

Fake Love

                 In BTS comeback (Love Yourself: Tear). BTS Suga dyed his hair again to black with the addition of twists. Suga’s black hair with permed style was stunning.

Suga Black Hair
Source: Kpop Asiachan


      BTS’s second MV from their second album series (Love Yourself: Answer) in 2018. Suga put on new color while staying on natural tone, Dark – Brown hair with the red bordering and,

Suga Brown Hair
source: Freeaddon

he was also included in the list of Most Beautiful Faces along with BTS members by TC Candler.

Boy With LUV

                       In their “Boy With LUV” era, Suga with purplebluish hair spotted and that rocked with his more mature nature.

Suga In Boy with luv
Source: Wikimedia

Suga Hair Colour in“ON” (The Most Recent Era)

     BTS has released their new Album on February 21, 2020. Map of the Soul:7 has new 15 tracks with 5 previous, with a lead single ‘ON’ which have topped on global charts along with the Album which sported No.1 on Billboard. As the start of 2020, Suga was seen with yellowblonde hair.

courtesy to Offiicial Bts weverse

Black Swan Performance

                 BTS performed Black Swan in January 2020. at James Corden Show. At the time Suga is seen with bleachblonde hair.


       In BTS KMF: ON Suga hair color is silver-grey with complete perfection with his fantastic outfit.

Bts Suga ON,KMF

Black Swan MV

                          Suga has maintained his Silver-Grey color until now. The Mv for Black Swan has released surprisingly that astonished everyone. Let’s see for how long it will remain the same.

Bts Suga Black Swan
screenshot from Bighit

                So what color do you like “The Most” for our meow meow

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