Here Are The Significances Behind BTS Microphone Colors 2020

Here Are The Significances Behind BTS Microphone Colors 2024

Want to know Secret in BTS Microphone Colors? Let’s take a look in their Minds through colors!

World’s every singer tends to use customized microphones with exciting colors that often match their taste. Additionally, we can also say that they use them as they can tune it in a way that perfectly matches their voice. So having customized microphones are essential to professional singers to perform live. However the price of these customized are very expensive. It is because, they have colors or small jewels are attached. BTS members are no exception of it. Previously, BTS used to have custom made microphones. Yes, they all used the same colored microphones.

BTS Microphone Colors

These seven identical microphones feel plain because they do not reflect any characteristics of each member was this why prior to the stadium tour, Big Hit gave new microphones to BTS.

BTS Mic Colours 2020

BTS Microphone Colors 2020

 BTS Microphone Colors are known to be chosen by BTS members. The color they have selected well reflect their characteristics. And the few of the colors phycology it’s says that you can tell a person’s mentality tendency through the colors. So, through the color choice of BTS members, let’s find out more about who they are!

Namjoon Microphone

The Leader of BTS RM’s microphone color is blue.

RM blue mic

For people who like blue color, their emotions tend to be very stable. Also, there are many people who are rational rather than emotional seeing that RM always Leads other members calmly, which seems to make sense.

BTS RM on billboard 2018

However, people who like color blue are also known to be tied up in rules and are usually under a lot of stress because they care about other people’s views. And it seemed true. Once J-Hope said that,

“He was in pain because once he read a malicious comment”.

He thought about it all day long and didn’t like himself for thinking about comments for 5 hours and 50 minutes. After this, he realized that the Haters would have written those comments in 5 seconds without any thoughts.

Namjoon microphone color

Blue color-loving humans have a perfectionist tendency, and sometimes feel discouraged when things did not go as planned. But now it seemed that RM understood how to cope up with problems and does not feel too much pressure of responsibilities and freely enjoy his work.

Taehyung Mic Color

The color V chose for his microphone is Green.

Taehyung green mic

People who like green, born to be pacifist, and avoid fighting with other people. While analyzing the green color there are some similarities with Taehyung’s personality. The people who love green, have good social abilities, and can blend easily with many other people. However, they initially like quiet countryside life and peacefulness.

bts v new mic
Image Source: Big Hit Music

And we can relate it when Taehyung once said that if he hadn’t become a Celebrity, he probably would have been a Farmer. He also said that he would retire when he reaches 40 and will live a quiet peaceful life with his wife.

BTS V visuals in green
Image Source: Big Hit Music

Taehyung currently living as life as a global star but there always seems a pardon him that wants a quiet life. After the successful and memorable concert of BTS, there were so many people who love the member with a green microphone.

Taehyung mic color 2020

We want to see him again on stage with his green mic on his hands when the pandemic will finally over.

Jungkook Microphone Color

 Jungkook has chosen a purple microphone.

Jungkook purple mic

People who like purple have great artistic sentiments with an acute personality. Jungkook is indeed interested in music and art especially he surprised the army with his drawing skills despite never having any art lessons. Purple humans are easily hurt but do not reveal their feelings to other people. They look strong but they have sensitive hearts. During the concerts, when all the members gathered around Jungkook he often shed into tears.

Jungkook crying during concert

He said in a live that he usually doesn’t cry over many things but there is always ARMYs love who made him cry. Purple color-loving humans feel comfortable alone, rather than getting along with other people. Actually, Jungkook works out, edits video alone in his room since he does everything in his room. Members of BTS and Jungkook himself said that he used to be introverted and shy at the time of their debut.

Jungkook purple microphone

But now after seven years, things have changed as Jungkook spends more time with his members.                                                                                                                                    

Jimin Gold Microphone

Jimin selected Gold color for his microphone.

JImin gold mic

People who have preferred Gold color have big dreams and high goals. They tend to work harder than others because they have strong and burning desires to get what they want. Isn’t it exactly Jimin when he practiced dancing till late nights while others took breaks at home. Jimin is a person who works harder without any break.

Jimin dancing with white staller in MAMA 2019

BTS members once revealed that Jimin practices so hard that sometimes his nose starts to bleed. The staff members of Big Hit Entertainment even called him Mr. Tenacious.

Jimin mic handling

However, sometimes high expectations can return in huge disappointment because he can blame himself one day, not allowing any minor mistakes.

And we have seen this situation in many behind the scenes when he is off stage and cries over his performance.

Prince Jin Pink Mic.

JIN chose a pink microphone Just like his nickname ‘Pink Prince’.

Jin pink microphone

People who like pink color are nicer and think about others. They are good at cheering up others and have a strong maternal instinct. Jin takes good care of the other member and they even call Jin as ‘mom’. This is because he is the oldest of all, but also he is a born to be a nice guy and a natural boy. Another notable thing is that people who like color pink tend to be raised in a wealthy environment.

Jin in pink colour

Jin had a wealthy childhood under his businessman father. He has a good given personality because he had received lots of love from family or perhaps his personality was formed from a very early age.

Suga Mic Color

The color SUGA chose for his microphone is black.

Suga black mic

SUGA and black is what we can call a perfect match. People who like black have strong thoughts that they are the main heroes of their lives. They have a clear opinion on things and are always confident about it. SUGA always has great confidence in his music and believe BTS will become more successful. To the question that asked him about his next goal, he said winning the Grammys.

Suga in black hair and mic

This confidence comes from his skills. However, people who like black can go under constant stress. He had gone through many hardships, throughout his training years in a financially tight environment. Now thanks to worldwide success, those problems are perfectly solved.

J-Hope Mic Color

 J-Hope initially chose a Silver or Light Sky Blue Microphone Throughout the Speak Yourself Tour.

J-Hope silver mic and white

But in Speak Yourself Last Concert J-Hope used a new Bright Red mic that matched his ‘Just Dance’ suit smashingly well.

Jjhope in red suit just dance performance

Some fans have been wondering why he switched his Silver mic with Bright Red?

J-Hope red microphone

On Weverse, an ARMY asked J-Hope if there was any special meaning behind his color choice. Red for Passion, perhaps? It turns out that J-hope chose red for purely aesthetic purpose, He wrote.   

 “I just wanted to look pretty”

Beautiful Crystals on BTS Swarovski Microphones…

The microphones of Jin, J-Hope, and RM are specially crystallized by Swarovski by Bonny Fay Korea. Once Jin said in his live that he likes his mic because it has Crystals on it and it works as acupressure. And that the Mic won’t slip from hand!

bts swarovski microphones crystals

These are just some facts and traits that may not be perfectly accurate but are pretty close to BTS members’ personalities! So do you think BTS microphone colors match their personalities?

These colors was selected during BTS’s love yourself stadium tour. As all the members used to have silver microphones. Those mics were put on auction and sold at the impressive price of USD $83000.

bts old mics
Image Source: BTS Wiki Fandom

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BTS New Mic Colours

But as the years passed on … BTS members stopped using these expensive mics and instead donated them to Big Hit. And this changing went on with every performance. Their new mic colors were unveiled during the Lotte Concert appearance and they seemed to fit their personalities pretty well too.

But here we will discuss their last performance as group before they went on Hiatus. BTS performed For Youth at Music Bank and the BTS mic colors at that show was as follows.

  • Jin Pink with crystals
  • Namjoon Royal Blue-purple with crystals
  • Suga Silver
  • J-hope Mint Aqua- Green
  • Jimin Silver with crystals
  • Taehyung Light Grey-Blue
  • Jungkook Purple-black with crystals
BTS new Mic Colors
Hybe Labels | Big hit Music

These new colors seem to make the members look even more charming yet some fans aren’t happy with the new changes. It’s because their past mics were part of many special memories. From Billboard Number One to their Grammy nominations, BTS members set record after record with these microphones. Some ARMY still believe that BTS will continue to use their iconic microphones that were part of their memories.

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