Here are the 10 highlights from BTS Suga and V’s “FM 06.13”

Here are the 10 highlights from BTS Suga and V’s “FM 06.13”

Here is Sum-up of BTS Suga and V’s “FM 06.13”

On the 15th of May, BTS Suga held a surprise voice-only live stream called Suga’s Honey FM. In his broadcast, V appeared as “Today’ Special Guest” and Suga introduced him to the one who has a mark on Suga’s heart and ARMY gushed over it.

The Duo added a lot of fun together, talking about V’s mixtape and reading a fiction story.

10 highlights of BTS Suga and V’s “FM 06.13”.

1. Name of V’s Solo Mixtape…

While talking of music, Suga asked V’s mixtape name which he had hinted a while ago. Suga wonders if Tae would release a mixtape under a different stage name.

Bts V Solo Mixtape
Courtesy to Big Hit

V replied he will decide about it once the mixtape has been finished.

2.Weverse Attendance Award for V…

On May 13 a fan bestowed V with a Perfect Attendance Award on Weverse which Big Hit didn’t.  The award featuring Yeontan. Captioned as 

“Taehyung-ssi, I present you with an Attendance Award.”.

V and Suga FM 06 13

In reply, V wrote

“Big Hit, are you seeing this?”.

V on Weverse

V brought up again mentioning it on live.

3. Reading “The Three Little Pigs” in the Most Dramatic Way…

Suga and V reading Story of Three pigs

V and Suga created a lot of fun by their voice acting skills as they were reading the roles of multiple characters in a fairytale. Suga played the wolf.

And V played multiple roles including “The little Maknae” and left the fans rolling over the floor.

4. Suga’s conclusion of Fairy tale…

The reading of fairytales and folktales was an important segment on FM 06.13. In this episode, the ever-practical Suga continued to point out how unrealistic these stories can be.

Suga and V on live telling story

Why would a wolf try to blow a house down when he could bulldoze it instead?

Suga as wolf

(Nevermind that wolves can’t operate machinery.)

5. The meaning behind Suga’s sign off…

Suga’s sign off for the show is “you’ve worked hard today”. The phrase comes from a Post-It note that slipped out of one of Suga’s books.

Suga studio

It is now posted up on the wall of his studio, and he sees it as a source of healing.

6. A Drawing Guessing Game…

In this game, one has to give hints while the other had to make guesses about what they were hinting as they were drawing it.

Suga and v making drawing on live
Courtesy To Big Hit

7. Promotion Kings…

Suga and V used a guessing game to advertise Chilsung Cider and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

BTS x Chilsung Cider
BTS x Chilsung Cider
Suga and V guessed samsung z flip
BTS x Samsung

Both of which BTS is now officially endorsing.

8. V’s #StayHomeChallenge…

Right now V is finding ways to be productive as BTS is still stuck at home like the rest of us. During the broadcast, V revealed that he is working on music for BTS’s next album and his own mixtape.

Suga and v talk about BTS new album
Courtesy to Big Hit

9. Ending with“Inner Child”…

Suga ended the show with V’s solo “Inner Child”. What better way to honor his special guest?

10. The Long-Awaited “Taegi” Selca…

After the broadcast, V and Suga posted their First selfie together in three years.

Bts v and Suga sefie after FM 0613
Courtesy to BTS-twt

Why not Fans lost their minds over it?

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