BTS’s V Requested a “Fangirl” to Become his Art Teacher.
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BTS’s V Requested a “Fangirl” to Become his Art Teacher.

BTS’s V recently made a request to a Fan to become his teacher as he was so dazzled by her art.

BTS V replying to a fan

It’s common for BTS’s V to see amazing fan arts of him and BTS. But it is atypical that only a few lucky fans got his attention.

Previously he was impressed by the fanart of BTS and asked him to join his company.

BTS V With Glasses

Now again he made such an appreciating statement to his fan.

He asked her to become his teacher.

“I want to learn, teacher….” _V

No doubt her painting skills are bewildering. She made an Art piece of a Masterpiece.

BTS's V Fanart

BTS V's Hd Photos with glasses

That’s the reason she blessed with Kim Taehyung’s appreciation.

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