BTS Whispers A ‘Secret Venue’ For “Dynamite” In New Promotion Schedule

BTS Whispers A ‘Secret Venue’ For “Dynamite” In New Promotion Schedule

After dominating on Billboard Hot 100, BTS announces a new promotion schedule for Dynamite!

On August 31, Billboard announced that BTS made a grand entrance in first place on Billboard Hot 100 song chart. The news left ARMY and BTS in tears of JOY as it was the moment they had all been waiting for.

BTS Whispers A 'Secret Venue' For
Photo | BigHit Entertainment

ARMYs have been celebrating this, and the next day on September 1, BTS dropped a new Promotion schedule of Dynamite. According to the schedule, BTS will perform on the following venues

Today Citi Music Series

BTS will perform Dynamite on Today Citi Music Series on NBC.

America’s Got Talent

BTS will make an appearance and Perform Dynamite on American’s Got Talent for the second time. They had Perform IDOL on the show back in 2018.

Music Festival

BTS will perform Dynamite on Music Festival at iHeartRadio.

“Secret Venue”

In the schedule, BTS added the Dynamite MV Choreography Ver that will release on September 28 at 9 am KST. And ARMYs is excited to see the Secret Venue that BTS has added!

Well, whatever the venue is, it will be a Hit and beautiful anyways as the performer is BTS!

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