BTS Went Crazy To Wish Their Leader RM A Happy Birthday

BTS Went Crazy To Wish Their Leader RM A Happy Birthday

The dearest leader, BTS RM, celebrated his 26th birthday on September 12. And his members, BTS, wished him Happy Birthday in a very entrancing way! 

BTS OT7 Selca on RM birthday | BTS_twt

On September 12, the whole of Twitter become a Namjoon Land. The very first member to wish RM was surprisingly ……. RM himself!

 RM treated his fans with some of his photos on twitter. Captioned as Happy Birthday to me, And the picture of RM in a black dress, left the ARMY thirsting.

BTS RM in Black tweet | BTS_twt

After RM, Jin was the first who took to twitter and gave his leader elated greetings. He covered the camera with his hand and wished him. “Namjoon-ah, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Bro,”

ARMYs imagined the perfect scenario that would happen when this excited Jin made up the post in an exciting way!

The second member to wish him was SUGA, who greeted in his short and sweet style.

“Happy birthday, A real genuine leader Namjoon-ah. #NamJoonHBD #ItsSugaHyung #OurLeader #NumberOneLeader #DoubleHappyEvents”

Following Jin, in the morning, J-hope wished RM with friendly words,  “Good morning, Happy birthday bro, It’s your friend, Jhope, At dawn, I was looking for a pretty photo of me with you but ended up I fell asleep, Sorry Bro (Why there were only funny photos

Listening to J-Hope’s morning voice, the whole timeline went feral! Here are some best reactions.

Here comes the ecstatic V who greeted RM in a very Taehyung way!

“Namjoon-ah Happy birthday, say something! Ok, Thank you,”

Finally, Jimin shared a BTS OT7 Selca on RM’s Birthday with a caption that is difficult to believe but is true!

Happy birthday to my boyfriend Be blessed and don’t get sick

And last Namjoon held a Vlive where all the members except V appeared and celebrated it. Jimin Or the Cake Fairy of BTS brought out the cake and Suga with a guitar. They all gathered and sang the Birthday song to their Beloved leader.

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It’s been a couple of hours since BTS leader RM’s birthday on September 12, 2020. In the past seven years and before their debut, Namjoon has been BTS’s backbone as its leader. With his wise words and meaningful lyrics, RM has inspired millions of ARMY all around the world. We wish a Heartwarming birthday for our leader!

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