BTS V Surprised ARMY with the Most Memorable Moment In His 7-Year Career

BTS V Surprised ARMY with the Most Memorable Moment In His 7-Year Career

BTS members sat together for a Japanese interview this weekend. In the interview, when asked BTS shared their memorable moments, speaks about their past, present, and dreams. But V took the ARMY with surprise with one of his answers.

BTS V revealed the most memorable moment in his life

BTS member RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook were dressed in all black to kill their fans as they gathered for a special interview. BTS is releasing their new Japanese album, Map of the Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ in the mid of July. They recently released a track Stay Gold from the album and it has shattered records.

BTS Stay gold records

As fans await the release of the album, the boys walked down the memory lane to talk about the BTS’ journey, their thoughts about the members and their team, their favorite artists, dreams, and much more in the interview

BTS sharing their dreams in Japnese interview 2020

One such question the members were asked was the BTS most memorable moments of their seven-year journey. While members several memorable moments, Taehyung took us by surprise with his answer.

BTS V’s Most Memorable Moment.

As several Twitter translations revealed, V mentioned the Danger music video as one of his three most memorable moments. ARMY who has watched the video would remember, that MV ends with Taehyung cutting his hair into bangs

V cutting his hair in Danger Mv
Photo= Big Hit

While the scene doesn’t last beyond a few moments but gave ARMY and V both an unforgettable memory because, in reality, V ended cutting his real hair with the fake bangs…

BTS V Surprised ARMY with the Most Memorable Moment In His Career
Photo= Big Hit
BTS V Surprised ARMY with the Most Memorable Moment In His Career
Photo= Big Hit
BTS V cut his real hair in Danger Mv
Photo= Big Hit

 Suga also re-imagines the moment by adding

He wore a wig to cut his hair but ended up cutting his own hair.”

The Tae Print translated the statement stating it is one of the BTS V’s most memorable moments. The other two moments included the Mikrokosmos drone shown during the Seoul concert…

BTS most memorable moments 2020
photo= Big Hit

BTS memorable moment of drone show at Seoul Concert 2019

 and BTS’ No More Dream debut…

BTS V memorable moment of BTS Debute
Photo= Big Hit

Check out V cutting his hair in Behind the scenes of Danger Mv…

Apart from Taehyung’s memorable moments, Jin and Jungkook also shared their unforgettable moments from their 7-year Journey as BTS. As a translation reads,

Jungkook’ Memorable Moments:

There are so many great moments I want to choose meaningful ones. One is when “I NEED YOU” had its first win…

BTS first win with I Need U on inkigayo

Our stadium tour is another one because I can remember the fireworks going off so clearly still…

BTS Jungkook singing So What with fireworks
Photo= Big Hit

I want to say that any of our concerts is a great moment. Another one is the one where we performed “Fake Love”. Where was that? (Jimin: Billboard) Ah yes, that one…

BTS Billboard Fake Love performance 2018 is the memorable moment for Jungkook
Photo= Billboard

Jin’ Most Moments of Life.

If I were to choose a moment with the most lasting impression it would be when we won our first daesang and we all screamed together…

BTS First Daesang win in 2016

The second moment would be when we went to the Billboards for the first time…

Jin's memorable moment BTS first time on Billboard 2017
Photo= Vogue

It was the first time being invited overseas and receiving an award so we were all really happy. Another moment is when we held our first concert…

Memorble moment of BTS First Concert

Suga always said that artists need to do concerts so it was great to finally be able to hold our own concert.

These aren’t Just BTS unfoegettable moments but also ARMYs most favorite moments and will remain forever.

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