BTS’s V Sings the OST for “Itaewon Class” and it became a Hit

BTS’s V Sings the OST for “Itaewon Class” and it became a Hit

BTS’s V sang an OST for the hit drama series “Itaewon Class” of his best friend Park Seo Joon.

sweet night ost itaewon class BTS V
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BTS’s V had an amazing and ultimate friendship with Park Seo Joon. Their friendship started back in 2016 on the set of historical drama “Hwarang” in which BTS’s V was cast too.

Bts V and Park Seo-Joon at Hwarang
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They remained friends ever since and continued to gather even having busy schedules.

BTS V, Park Seo-Joon and Park Hyun Sik

Their Cute and Pure friendship moments can be seen on MMA 2019 as Park Seo-Joon delivered the award to BTS.

Bts V and Park Seo-Joon at MMA 2019

Park Seo Joon’s new hit drama series “Itaewon Class” has released on January 31, 2020.

Sweet Night Making

For the OST (part 12) of drama series, BTS’s V debuted his solo OST “Sweet Night” after “Hwarang” in which he sang along with no other than but his bandmate BTS’s JIN.

V (Kim Taehyung) not only sang but also composed, produced and wrote the lyrics of a song by himself. This Handsome man is making some serious money by using his talent.

Now #SweetNightOST  and BTS’s V is trending  with the release of OST

Along with trending, his song debuted no.1 on Melon (NEW) and Bugs (NEW), Soribada (NEW) and no.2 on Genie (NEW) and FLO (NEW).

Check out the Complete Itaewon Class OST Here!

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