BTS V Gives Hugs To PSY & ARMY Having A Major Meltdown

BTS V Gives Hugs To PSY & ARMY Having A Major Meltdown

BTS ARMY couldn’t control their excitement as PSY shared the beautiful photos on Instagram with BTS V.

Instagram | PSY

Being a social butterfly BTS V manages to win hearts, not just of ARMY but famous celebrities and people around him as well. Whether it be his Wooga Squad members or Park Bo-gum, it is confirmed that everyone whipped for Taehyung.

 This time it is Taehyung’s ideal model Gangnam Style crooner PSY to include in the list of TaeTae’s admirers as well!

BTS V hugging psy
Instagram | PSY

ARMY is shocked to see the two photos PSY on Instagram happily posing with V and Tae having a fanboy moment. This scene made the ARMY reminisce the few moments from past where V was just standing behind him!

 Many times, V has shared his admiration and love for the legendary singer who helped bring K-pop music to a more global audience with his addictive music. Besides V, PSY too has shared his appreciation for BTS going places with their music during several interviews. ARMY couldn’t help but wonder if a collaboration could be in the works between the two talented artists?! One could hope right?!

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