BTS’ V & Peakboy Teases Fans With ‘Hearty Selcas’ Are they working on KTH1?

BTS’ V & Peakboy Teases Fans With ‘Hearty Selcas’ Are they working on KTH1?

BTS Taehyung and Wooga Squad member Peakboy have left us speculating if they are working on KTH1 with their recent selcas!

BTS V collaboration for his mixtape KTH1

It took us full two minutes to stop screaming and actually get down to reporting this epic selfie. BTS Taehyung shares a brotherly bond with Wooga Squad members constituting South Korean stars Park Seo Joon, Korean artist Peakboy, Parasite actor Choi Woo Shik, and singer Park Hyun Sik. Time and again, we’ve seen the gang come together and supporting each other on different occasions.

BTS V and Wooga Squad

Today, the two members of the squad – Taehyung and Peakboy – sat together and made sure that everyone should know about it. So on July 10, V made a tweet on the BTS Twitter account. The caption says, 

“Okay, let’s try starting now~”.

While the photo was enough to cause a commotion, Peakboy and Taehyung’s caption left ARMY begging them to reveal more. According to a Fans’ translations, Peakboy wrote on the post he made on Instagram as,

“currently working on <something>

The two captions hint that the Duo is probably working on some new music that may be for KTH1. With Taehyung completing his mixtape project, the recent photos feel like the V could be collaborating for a song on his mixtape. Do you believe in the same theory?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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