New Songs Of BTS’ V Made A Grand Entrance On Billboard Hot 100.

New Songs Of BTS’ V Made A Grand Entrance On Billboard Hot 100.

BTS’ V second solo song Love Me Again debuted on Billboard Hot100 prior to his first ever album release “Layover”.

BTS V Love Me Again on Bilboard
Image source : Big Hit Music

In recent days, another member of BTS, Taehyung has newly revealed two pre-released MV from his anticipated album Layover. As soon the songs were release, they were shower with immense love by fans, and have already started breaking records. As of 22 August KST, ‘Love Me Again’ has arrived the Billboard Hot 100, marking another achievement for BTS V.

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 V’s Love Me Again has a unique style that is impossible to resist, and his soulful vocals touched the hearts immediately. The song has quickly become a favorite among fans as it highlights rediscovering love. In its 70s retro-style MV we can see BTS Visual; Taehyung dressed in glittering attire, pouring his emotions into the microphone as if speaking directly to your soul. The visuals captures his charisma in every frame, leaving fans utterly mesmerized.

bts v new album
Image Source: Big Hit Music

Moreover, his hit ‘Christmas Tree’ also made history by claiming the 79th spot on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Remarkably, it’s the first and only Korean OST to achieve this remarkable feat, setting V’s position as a global sensation.

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V also released a teaser of his upcoming song BLUE, included in the album. The album will contain total 5 songs together with bonus track.

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