Hybe and YG Entertainment Shuts up the Dating Rumors of BTS V & Jennie

Hybe and YG Entertainment Shuts up the Dating Rumors of BTS V & Jennie

Hybe and YG Entertainment finally spoke up on their beloved idols BTS V and Jennie regarding their dating rumors.

BTS V and Jennie in Paris

In evening of May 18 BTS V and Jennie  was spotted in Paris walking and holding hand in hand. This alleged video of these idols went viral and created chaos on internet. Some fans believe that it was definitely them but YG and Hybe immediately cleared the doubt in no time. The agency of both idols release a statement saying

 “It is difficult to check [regarding this matter].”

Hybe and Yg

Last year, in 2022, the dating rumors of BTS V and Jennie also spread when an unknown user leaked various pictures of BTS V and Jennie from Jennie’s phone, resulting YG Entertainment showing a warning about the use of photos for personal use. They told that they will take a strong action against these people who mislead the fans. After this warning, the user again shared the pictures of the idol alleged Jeju trip together, which many fans denied, calling it photo shopped pictures.

BTS V and Jennie Jeju trip

When asked, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment briefly commented,

 “We have nothing to say [regarding this matter],” and added, “We will inform you if we have a different response to share.”

Yg Entertainment

But BTS V’s agency BIGHIT MUSIC did not comment on the dating rumors.

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