BTS V Beats Adele’s Record On iTunes Charts With Sweet Night -The Only Artist in World

BTS V Made History For Most No. 1s On iTunes With Sweet Night -The Only Artist in World

Kim Taehyung becomes the Only Soloist in the World to achieve 105 #1’s on iTunes with his Self Produced, composed, and written song Sweet Night!

Sweet Night by BTS v

With the release of his first-ever self-made solo soundtrack “Sweet Night” from the popular drama series “Itaewon Class”, BTS’s member V has rightfully earned the title of the “most successful soloist of 2020.” In just two months, V broke an eight-year-old record set by the 2012 global hit songGangnam Style” by topping the charts of 86 countries. Slowly but steadily, V continued to extend his record as the “Korean soloist with the most #1s on the worldwide iTunes chart” and has recently bagged another monumental title to his name.

Sweet Night by BTS V on 105 on iTunes charts

On the 8th of July, “Sweet Night” topped 105 countries with most #1s on iTunes charts marking V as the first soloist and the Only Artist in the World to achieve such a milestone. V currently beat the record of Black Swan by his own band BTS having the second most #1s on iTunes and Hello by “Adele”, one of the most critically acclaimed artists in the world, And the soloist now with the third most #1s on the chart. The record is also highly significant as V is not only the first Korean soloist but the first and only artist in the world to enter the Elite club. Many fans have stressed the extraordinary impact V has on the music industry as popular western artists known as digital monsters such as “Ed Sheeran,” “Ariana Grande” and “Justin Beiber”  have not yet achieved such a milestone.

BTS V poster for chilsung cider

Lately, the record was set by  BTS’s “Black Swan” who recently topped the Worldwide iTunes charts as the Most #1s in 104 countries surpassing Adele’s 5-year old record. And V reset the record and is now the only artist in the world to make history. 

BTS Black swan on iTunes charts

V had continued to set several historical records with no official promotion or appearance in the drama or music video, fans are crediting the success of the song solely to V. Many fans have remarked that because “Sweet Night” is written, sung and produced by V, he has successfully proven his potential as one of the finest composers and also shown his powerful impact as a soloist.

most #1s song on iTunes Charts Sweet Night by BTS V

Furthermore, as V has on different occasions stated that he is currently working on his first-ever solo mixtape and shared his hope of releasing it sometime this year, fans and the media alike are anticipating him to take the music industry by storm.

Congratulations to BTS and Taehyung!


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