BTS V Became The First and Only Korean Soloist To Break The 8 Years Record of PSY

BTS V Became The First and Only Korean Soloist To Break The 8 Years Record of PSY

The Supremacy Taehyung Holds!

BTS V in Golden color

On May 25, ARMY trended #HistoryMakerV on worldwide trends as BTS V officially broke the eight years record previously held by PSY. He is now crowned to become the first and only Korean Soloist to have a song charting at #1s in 88 countries on iTunes.

BTS V sweet night on iTunes Break The Record of PSY gangnam style

On March 13, BTS Kim Taehyung dropped “Sweet Night” as an OST for drama series “Itaewon Class“. It was a self-composed, self-produced track only by V. Soon after it releases, Sweet Night took over the Charts (Genie, Flo, Melon, Soribada, and Bugs).

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Bts v sweet night

Recently BTS V ‘s Sweet Night broke an 8-year-old record of Psy’ “Gangnam Style” released back in 2012. Making Kim Taehyung the only Korean Solo Artist to have 88 #1s on iTunes with Sweet Night and also the Youngest to Achieve the Feat. While Gangnam Style has 86 #1s on iTunes

Psy Gangnam Style bts v sweet night
Source: Amino apps

Now the most iTunes #1’s ranking for a Korean Soloist ‘SONG’ (Countries) so far follows as:

1. Sweet Night by V (88)

2. Gangnam Style by PSY (86)

3. Gentlemen by PSY (81)

4. Chicken Noodle Soup by J-Hope (75)

5. Eight by IU “feat. & prod by Suga of BTS” (63)

In addition, Taehyung isn’t the only Korean solo act with most #1 on iTunes, but also the Asian solo act with most #1 worldwide. Sweet Night is the first Korean and also Asian OST to Debut at #1 on

1. US iTunes

2. European iTunes.

3. Worldwide iTunes.

4. Official Big to 40 UK.

And also the only Asian OST to reach at #1 on the UK and Top 3 on Japan iTunes (#2).

Taehyung made history in just two months, with a self-made, self-produced, and most importantly with an Unpromoted song.

BTS V is the only korean artist to break the record psy
Courtesy to Big Hit

Now Lativia has become the 88th country to break the Tie between Sweet Night and Gangnam Style where Sweet Night peaked #1 on iTunes charts the time article was written.

Moreover it became the BTS‘ solo credited song by Surpassing J-Hope that charted the longest on the iTunes and Worldwide song charts. And also the one that cumulated the most points on SN and CNS equivalent Worldwide sales.

Congratulations V!


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