7+ BTS’ Tweets To Prove “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

7+ BTS’ Tweets To Prove “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work”

In Seven years long Journey towards success, BTS proved that indeed Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

BTS teamwork makes the dream work tweet
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On September 8, an announcement made all fandom alongside BTS went frenzy that BTS spends 2nd week on Billboard Hot 100. They are the First Group in the century to rank for two consecutive weeks.  

BTS teamwork makes the dream work

Within a half-hour of the announcement, the elated ARMY trended #BTS2ndNo1OnHot100 on twitter to celebrate the milestone.

Commemorating this precious and significant moment, BTS shared a thanks video with ARMY with the words they have lived by since debut that Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.

BTS First Daesang Winning Reaction

The whole scenario created a vibrant environment, and fans started to reminisce about their every tweet. Fans look back on how BTS doesn’t forget their motto as a group since 2013 because it placed them from where they are right now.

 BTS has tweeted this phrase in seven years, and each tweet marks a milestone in their history. Let us have a look!

The first time when BTS posted the tweet was the three months before their debut. They were trainees and didn’ know they’ll leave a stone marker on the whole World.

BTS First group photo
Photo | Big Hit Entertainment

But still, they have faith in them.

In November of 2016, BTS tweeted the phrase when they won their first-ever Daesang after three years of grinding after the debut.

“Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” the third time when BTS Love Yourself: Her debuted at no 7 on Billboard 200 Chart. BTS was the first Korean act to get into the top 10 of the chart.

In May 0f 2018, RM tweeted the phrase again when they performed the first time on Billboard on Fake Love and won the Top Social Artist Award second time in a row! 

Last November, BTS Tweeted “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work” when they win all 8 grand awards they were nominated for at MMA—becoming the first artist ever to achieve a Daesang (grand prize) all-kill.

And finally, one day ago, BTS made fans proud of their words “teamwork makes the dream work.” After winning the Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite for two weeks!

We hope the next tweet we will able to see is after winning their Grammy! 

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