BTS Revealed The Tips & Tricks They Use To Make Jimin Smile

BTS Revealed The Tips & Tricks They Use To Make Jimin Smile

They have their own style and technique!

For BTS Japan Official Fanclub Magazine, the members answered the queries about themselves and each other. In the fun segment, BTS revealed what Jungkook‘s weaknesses are and the tips and tricks they use to make Jimin laugh.

Jin and Jimin
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Jin shared the key to making Jimin laugh is basically the environment. Even the simplest jokes can make Jimin smile, although his mood needs to be right too.

Suga‘s wacky and practical comedy make Jimin laugh a lot. Suga said, “if he makes weird, comical movements, Jimin smiles a lot.”

Yoonmin smiling each oyher
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How does the maknae Jungkook bring joy to Jimin? Just By existing! Jungkook said, “whenever Jimin looks at him, he smiles.”

Jimin and Jungkook
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J-Hope explained that Jimin has favorite actions and expressions that brightens his day. “If Anybody does these things for him, Jimin rewards them with an adorable smile“.

 RM‘s clear that actions speak louder than words. He said if there’s the easiest way to make Jimin smile, it is tickling. He starts smiling right away!

According to V, he has no idea why Jimin has been smiling at surprising things lately. He said, “Why does Jimin find these things so interesting?” 

Jimin Smile
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This shows the precious bond that made BTS members know Jimin more than he himself!


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