BTS Taehyung “King of Visuals” Swooned the World with his Aesthetics

BTS Taehyung “King of Visuals” Swooned the World with his Aesthetics

BTS Taehyung’s aesthetics are no joke. The world has swooned over his Charisma and facial features that are more than perfect.

The King of Visuals is the perfect definition for Young, Rich, and Handsome as the rest of the BTS. But V has an extraordinary exception. None of K-pop band member has selected that much time by World Organizations for his beauty as Taehyung did.

BTS V King of Visuals
Courtesy to BigHit

Here the list of all the “Most Handsome Man” titles of V, year by year.

Most Handsome Man in 2017…

V became the Most Handsome Face on Earth by Tc Candler.

BTS V the Most Handsome Man on Earth 2017 Tc Candler

BTS Taehyung Aesthetics making him The Most Handsome Man in 2018…

 V was honored with “The Most Handsome Man in the World 2018” by the International poll site “The Best Poll”. He was selected by the votes (27.9%) for which polling was started from April 2018 to March 2019.

BTS Taehyung's aesthetics
Courtesy to BigHit

He was selected out of 150 candidates. BTS V was followed by his best friend and bandmate Jimin on 2nd position a slight difference of vote (19.4%).

BTS Jimin being Cute
Courtesy to BigHit

Jungkook at 3rd place (17.1%) votes. At 4th place, we have Worldwide Handsome Jin with (16.6%) votes. Rest of BTS members Suga, J-Hope and RM on number 10th, 11th and 12th respectively.

After that V’s name Ranked High in Korea and China’s search engines. Not only by “The best poll site”, but Taehyung also won the title of “The Most Charming Man” by Brightside.

KimTaehyungThe Most Handsome Man 2018
Courtesy to BigHit

BTS Taehyung’s aesthetics made him “The Most Beautiful Man in Universe” even by Bulgaria‘s female website

V had also ranked #1 “Most Handsome Man” (a chart) held by Global Entertainment Magazine and Famous Star 101 Magazine with a total of 6.2 million votes.

BTS V in the Most Handsome Man Star Famous 2018

“Most Charismatic Man of Asia 2018” selected by Star Momenter.

KimTaehyung The Most Handsome Man in 2019…

BTS V won the title of “The Most Handsome Man in the World” again hosted by The Best Poll.

Kim Taehyung Most Handsome Man 2019
Courtesy to BigHit

He took the place of “Asia’s Most Attractive Man of 2019” Consecutive two years.

Taehyung again won “The Most Handsome and Beautiful Man of Korea” in 2019 out of 87 Celebrities and K-pop Idols.

BTS Taehyung's Aesthetics

People are astonished over his bewildering beauty and cant able to resists it. Even a Brazilian plastic surgeon is stunned over his sharp and perfect features.

Let’s see what this King of Visuals will do with his Charisma and Talent in 2020.  

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