BTS Suga Appeared For The Time After His Shoulder Surgery To Greet ARMY

BTS Suga Appeared For The First Time After His Shoulder Surgery To Greet ARMY

Pleasant surprise it was…

Suga Shoulder Surgery
Screenshot/Vlive/ Life Goes On Min Suga

On November 21, BTS Suga made an appearance and greeted the ARMY for the first time after his shoulder surgery through ‘V Live’ broadcast!

Suga was unable to attend BTS’s BE comeback press conference held on November 20 due to his surgery. Focusing on his recovery, he will remain out of BTS’s promotions for a sort while. 

BTS BE Press Conference
BTS BE Conference/Yonhapnews

During the Livestream, SUGA assured ARMY that he is well and assiduously studying English for now.

“I’m doing well. The pain is almost all gone, and it is throbbing less. After getting the surgery, it really hurts for about 3 days. You can’t sleep. But now, I’m sleeping fine. These days, I’m studying English very diligently. I’m also working on music.”

Suga also revealed the reason why he contemplates that it’s time to go for surgery.

I thought it was just an aftereffect of the accident. It kept throbbing on rainy days and so I just thought it was because I went through the accident. But over time, it got worse. There was a moment where I decided that I needed to get surgery. While filming our ad, I realized that I couldn’t hold up the 500ml cider bottle with my left hand, because it hurt so much.”

Life Goes On Suga Live
Screenshot/Vlive/ Life Goes On Min Suga

He added,

 “Until early last year, I worked out really hard. Since my shoulders were so bad, I tried pilates and physical therapy and a lot of things, but it was okay when I wasn’t performing and bad when I was.”

Also, when ARMY asked SUGA about the most difficult thing about not participating in promotions, he answered,

 “A day feels so long. In the end, people need to work. I used to have schedules every day. Now, I wonder, what should I do. How can I have a productive day.”

Suga Gummy Smie
Screenshot/Vlive/ Life Goes On Min Suga

In the end, ARMYs are just so happy after seeing him being positive and healing well that’s all that matters.

Watch his complete Live here.

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