Jungkook’s Biggest Wish Is Now Going to Become A Reality!

Jungkook’s Biggest Wish Is Now Going to Become A Reality!

On April 24 KST, BTS’s Suga went on a Surprise Live Stream on YouTube through [BANGTANTV]. At first, It didn’t work as he planned Just like RM. But after, he held a one-hour painting session in silence.

Suga Silent Live Painting Session Youtube Live
Screenshot From Bangtan Tv

Suga started painting on a huge Canvas by mixing Beautiful Galaxy Blue paints. The silence Proved a Therapeutic Treatment for ARMY as they watched him paint for an hour.

It seemed that Suga had been enjoying making some artistic things during his quarantine period. He Breaks the Silence after half an hour by stating the Making Process of New Album on which BTS recently started working.

Suga painting on canvas a silent live session
Screenshot From Bangtan Tv

In the previous Live of RM, he reveals that they decided to work on New Album and now Suga gave the details about it.

He let fans know that they will do the root and branch of their Album one of Jungkook’s Biggest Wish.

“Yes, We’re starting Work again on our New Album. We’ve decided on people in charge, (Like Visual Manager, Music Manager, etc. We divided it like this. It was decided after discussion today. A related video will be out soon, so please watch it!”

It was Jungkook’s Biggest Wish and mentioned it many times that he wanted to do everything for their Album.

On Bon Voyage S2 in Malta, he said

“I don’t know when we can do this, but I hope to produce the entire album. Starting from the album cover. Starting from deciding the MV director to choosing outfits

Jungkook also said in his Thankyou Speech at MAMA Japan, 2018.

“I was thinking of also Filming a Music Video as Golden Closet Film (GCF) in Future Everyone.”

Now they Finally started to Work On Self-Made (Everything) Album.

Fans are wondering what will be Result of MV Made and Directed by BTS as they have experienced it before and Loving it.

Watch the Self-Directed MV of “Spine Breaker” By BTS.

Watch Painting Session of Suga Here:


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