BTS Suga Attracted the Fans With His World-Class Gummy Smile on Strawberry Farm!

BTS Suga Attracted the Fans With His World-Class Gummy Smile on Strawberry Farm!

Suga in strawberry farm picking strawberries with a proud smile is the best thing you’ll see!

Due to the current situation of coronavirus BTS is isolated just like the world. Their Map of the Soul World Tour has also been postponed according to Bighit’s official statement.

BTS Map of the Soul tour postponded
Courtesy to Bighit

But it doesn’t mean that they can’t interact with them. Nowadays BTS are active on social platforms and have been feeding ARMY with their Vlives, Selcas, and on Weverse.

On the afternoon of April 30th, BTS official Twitter revealed two photos of Suga, proudly smiling with strawberries he picked, harvested in a strawberry plastic house, along with the Captioned as “hahahat”.

Suga in strawberry farm glowing and happy!

Suga in strawberry farm
Courtesy to BTS-twt
Suga with strawberries in Jin's uncle Strawberry farm
Courtesy to BTS-twt

It is revealed by Taehyung that BTS went together to JIN’s Uncle’s strawberry farm. They have fun and cherished it while picking strawberries.

Lately, he blessed the ARMY being best in every profession.

First, he was a Painter Yoongi who worked in the silence gave the ARMY a therapeutic session!

Suga painting in live session
Screen shot from Bangtan Tv Youtube

Secondly, He was Dj Yoongi who held A “Shoop D” to answer the curiosities of fans.

Suga shoop D Voice Only
screenshot from Vlive

Thirdly, he is a Danser Yoongi who danced to Con Calma, Havana, and Abba’s Fernando with Jimin and Jin Namely Jin Ki-Min.

Now he is a Farmer Yoongi who’ll deliver the fresh-picked strawberries to you with his beautiful gummy smile.

Whether he is a painter, dancer, farmer, or Savage Yoongi ARMY will love him anyway!


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